1866-09-30: A Queen's Prerogative
A Queen's Prerogative
Summary: Queen Alysande Tracano announces that the position of Archduke/Duchess is to be decided soon…but she has a particular condition on this specific election….
Date: Letter Received on 30 Septembre 1866 IA
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The following is delivered to each of the Dukes/Duchess on the 30th of Septembre, hand-carried by a Royal Lancer and bearing the Rose Seal of the Queen.

To My Loyal Vassals,

As you are all well aware, the Archducal position of Rivana has been left vacant since the traitorous acts of Alyanna Gerrell. The time approaches to fill that vacancy. To wit, I intend to hold elections beginning on Novembre 18, four days after my wedding, and following some additional ceremonies and celebrations that will be occurring in the same timeframe (most notably the wedding of Viscountess Raelyn Cassomir to Lord Stephen Greycen). As always it is contingent upon the heads of all noble families of County level or higher to elect our new Archduke or Archduchess. However, it is the royal prerogative to accept or decline that choice once the votes are tallied. As such, I am imposing a specific circumstance that must be met for me to accept the election of any candidate to the Archducal office.

Normally a simple majority is all that is required to validate an Archducal appointment, but I hereby decree that any candidate that fails to attain two-thirds of the entire voting body will be declined. This is not a reflection upon any candidate's character or ability, but rather a simple and necessary gesture to show that we are in fact a nation that is healing from the rifts that have divided us too long. I know there are feuds old and new that will make this decree difficult to fulfill, but I have faith in the wisdom and ability of you and yours to find a path through those divisions and place the good of the Kingdom above your own individual desires, as any good Archduchess or Archduke must often do in the course of their duties.

How you accomplish this task I leave in your collective hands, but I am sure I need not remind that belligerence and particularly violence toward your countrymen at this juncture will not only be frowned upon, but punished harshly. We have shed enough of our own blood. We will not do so over this election. Compete as fiercely as you will, but do so with civility and mutual respect, no matter how difficult it may be for some of you to muster. I look forward to seeing your results.

So decreed this twenty-eighth day of Septembre in the Year 1866 of the Imperial Age,

Alysande Tracano, Queen of Rivana

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