1866-10-01: Letters from Pacitta
Letters from Pacitta
Summary: Thaddeus sends letters.
Date: 10-01-1866
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The first letter is delivered by an escorted courier through Faegates.

Your Grace,

I am writing to inform you that I have made contact with Duke Symon Gerrell and discussed current affairs with him. No doubt you are already aware of him wanting to host the Rivanan tournament next year. You would also be interested to know that the services of our engineers in helping rebuild the infrastructure of Normont would also be of great use to him. He apparently has a match in mind for himself, but would not reveal his bride-to-be.

The duke also stated that once I hear back from you he would like to visit with me. Ariane would be a very useful individual to have travel with me to Normont to show off our house's piety and connection to the piety of the l'Valdans and the Lancellas. She is on board with the idea.

I did not finalize anything for our house, as you have that sole authority and I did not want to usurp it. I do not expect to secure the Carling vote, my felling of the viscount's brother caused that. If there is anything you wish to outright suggest to offer Duke Gerrell, let me know and I will convey your thoughts to him on all matters that you wish to be conveyed.

Your dutiful son,

Thaddeus Greycen

A second letter is sent by raven to Summerseat.

Your Excellency,

I am hoping that things are going well in Summerseat. I have made the acquaintance of a respected writer and do recommend him to you. His name is Lord Aidric Carling of Holymount. No doubt you have encountered his text on Prince Giorgio. I count Lord Aidric as a friend and should he ever visit Seaguard or if you are ever in Sunsreach, such as for the upcoming wedding, I would gladly introduce you to him. If there is anything you need or want from me, please let me know.


Lord Thaddeus Greycen

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