1866-10-05: Dream Changes
Dream Changes
Summary: A brief return to Ironhold does not quite bring the relief Emilia had hoped for. (OOC Warning : There are the Voices…so usual potential creepiness.)
Date: 1866-10-05
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It had seemed ages since she had slept in her own room, it would have been a stretch to say her own bed. The bed was rarely used as a handful of people were aware. There was something comforting in being home again. There was little worry of invites to some dinner or lunch coming. No worries for having to do with any Courtly functions or whispers.

We have been away too long.

It had been the longest she had been away from home since before…the incident. Other trips had been more..trying, after awhile. But the lessons had been of help there, even as disquieting as the missing days yet were…the quietening of Them afterwards had been…pleasant. And to have Lon in Sunsreach, the added lessons had helped, especially when They had 'returned'…but simply to have him there had helped even more.

We do not like his interference.

Emilia snorted just a little, that was an understatement. They hated her time with him. They had disliked knowing of his existence from the start, it had just grown worse when the lessons started…and now, with what she and he had become? They were a bit more than displeased and disgruntled. Her dreams were proof enough of that. Yet, something else had happened, changed. They had changed, it was about more than him. But what?

We must go to Her.

It was inevitable. The trip would be made. There had never been so much time between visits. "In a few days," Emilia murmured. It could wait a bit longer though. A slight sigh slipped as she settled further into the nest of blankets. Finding that bit of comfort from being returned to the familiarity of them. A hand made a small fussing with one edge before she stilled. Eventually fading off to sleep.

Pale light lit the room, ever shifting shadows as the lights seemed to float about. Metal chimes sounded in time with the shifting of the shadows. There was someone here with her.

Emilia shifted within the blankets as sleep lead to dreams.

A flash of green. Endless sharp teeth in a eerie smile. A sinister look with ill intent, as if a hunter eyeing up its prey. Yet there was a feeling of….amusement?

A faint mumble came as she turned and curled back up.

The world shifted. The domed room giving over to long corridors. Pale light and smooth walls. Turns giving over to more corridors. There was no end to it. No way out. But she was not alone.

A distressed murfel and whine came as Emilia shifted restlessly.

Feelings of dread came in waves. Then the walls gave way to a room. There was something strange about it. It felt off. A pure of white flashed. Anger. Unending, overwhelming anger. Before fear and panic set in, absolute terror.

Arms flailed at the air as Emilia started back to the waking world. Just barely able to bite back the scream that had been on the verge of crossing her lips. A hand came to grasp at the edge of the bed as Emilia sat up within the nest of blankets. Dark eyes doing a quite survey over her bed, as if expecting so see..something there. Finding nothing, she slumped back against the wall. She had thought the changes in her dreams had been because she had been away to long. But now…with even Their confusion and unease about these dreams? "We'll go tomorrow," she murmured as her hand came to press at her temple.

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