1866-10-12: Backchannel Diplomacy
Backchannel Diplomacy
Summary: Duke Darren Haldis sends a brief but important message to his rival, Duchess Eleanor Greycen
Date: 10/12/1866 IA
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Darren  Eleanor  

Hand-delivered via a trusted (intermediary) royal courier in somewhat clandestine fashion. The message is enciphered in a code used by Rose-Loyal forces in the latter years of the Succession War (after the Haldis switched sides).

Your Grace,

Delay on the negotiations with the l'Faust and let the Gerrell have them as a boon to buy you the support you seek. The Queen, You, and I can all get what we want or need. Name your time and place, and we'll sit down and talk.


Darren Haldis

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