1866-10-13: A Very Unexpected Reply
A Very Unexpected Reply
Summary: A reply for a letter sent months ago is received by Clara, adding a new wrinkle in the plans for Alysande's wedding.
Date: 10-13-1866
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Sent along with the various invitations to the wedding of Queen Alysande Tracano and Viscount Jaren Cassomir, some months ago:

To Her Imperial Majesty, Shahanshah Vashti Behzadi of Alhazred,

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Alysande Tracano of Rivana, cordially invites you or your chosen representative to attend the wedding of herself and the Viscount Jaren Cassomir of Ironhold, to be held upon the 14th of Novembre, in the Eighteen-Hundred and Sixty-Sixth year of the Imperial Era, at the Cathedral of Sunsreach.

If it pleases you, reply to the care of Princess Clara Tracano in Sunsreach.

With Respect,

Alysande Tracano, Queen of Rivana

Received by Princess Clara Tracano on the 13th of Octobre, a month from the wedding day:

To Her Royal Majesty, Queen Alysande Tracano of Rivana,

I regret that I cannot attend your ceremony, and offers my sincere congratulations and blessings upon your impending marriage. However, We are pleased to announce that The Shahzadeh Rosana Behzadi, sister to the Shahanshah, and her husband Shahzadeh Rashad Behzadi will be pleased to attend on our behalf. They will be accompanied by the Shah Kabede Aman, The Prophet Hashim Nejem, the Mirza Ghazi Demir, and the Mirza Ania Khare, and it will please us if you will permit them to observe the negotiations surrounding your Grand Treaty with the Kingdom of Couviere.

It is my great hope that these days may lead to an era of peace and understanding between our Empire and the Kingdoms of the Edge. Perhaps one day your children and my grandchildren will walk the Water Gardens of my palace in friendship. Until such a day, I offer my warm regards and will look forward to my sister’s tales of her time spent within the Edge.

With Respect,

Vashti Behzadi, Shahanshah of Alhazred

(Attached is a list detailing the entourage of the Shazadeh and her companions, including several guards and even more servants)

The letter from the Shahanshah is placed on top of the desk with a hand that only slightly trembles. A hand belonging to the Princess Clara Tracano. There might have been panic if the letter had come any later, but instead, there is only a silent resolve. Clara is not about to lose her head….not now. Sitting there, her brown eyes still reading over the words, Clara’s mind races. How to handle this new wrinkle?

Clara beckons her handmaiden over, as her free hand taps lightly upon the response from the Alhazredi. “Alysonne, we have a change of plans. There is going to be a late addition to the wedding. We need to make preparations. Please…” The letter, without the entourage detail, is given to the servant. “Have this delivered to the Queen, so that she may be informed of the Alhazredi wishes to observe the treaty negotiations. Assure Her Majesty that I am taking steps to prepare for their arrival.”

As Alysonne starts to make her way out the door, Clara calls back. “Oh, and Alysonne? I will need your help later. I am going to need an individual well-versed in Alhazredi lore. The sooner the better. I do not have enough time to learn myself, so we must make due with an advisor. We will make our inquiries in Court later.” With that, Clara waves Alysonne on, watching the handmaiden duck out the door.

It is only then, in the privacy of her own room, does Clara release a soft frustrated cry. Yet another headache to add to the list. But….there is no time to rest…even if she could. There is work to be done. Still so much work to be done.

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