1866-10-20: A Letter Between Sisters
A Letter Between Sisters
Summary: Rhea Gerrell sends a letter to Tiadora in Sunsreach imploring her aid.
Date: 1866-10-20
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Rhea  Tiadora  

Dearest sister,

I pray this letter finds you well and that you haven’t fallen prey to the enticements of southern debauchery. I have asked Symon time and time again to bring you home, safe to the bosom of Normont but he is set upon having his way in everything if at the peril of your soul. However Aaron and I still pray for you dear sister, so, know that you are often in our thoughts.

Though sadly, this letter is not just one of caring concern but also, dire need. As I said, Symon is set upon his way, and has surrounded himself with feckless men of leisure who do nothing more than echo back his own ideas. He is in need of guidance and even uncle Tarquin cannot seem to reach him and as our rightful cardinal his words come with the weight of the One. Still, perhaps where the booming thunder of the One’s pronouncements fail the whisper of a beloved sister may yet succeed. Symon listens to you the most out of all of us, please, sister, do what is right and guide him to the proper path before our lords and our clergy are forced by their consciences to do more than whisper or thunder.

I do not ask you to stop him from his madness with the gates, or even from marrying me off beyond the borders of blessed Rivana, but to ask him to support my notion, of petitioning the High Priest to reverse the judgement of excommunication upon mother and father. My friends who are close students of the law say that what they did was treason and their deaths were lawful, though I find it hard to make my heart accept that, but as bad as their decisions were, did they deserve to be doomed forever to the Abyss without the One’s own judgement? After all we all know it was the wicked Cardinal who put unlawful notions in their heads, a cardinal this very high priest nurtured and called friend. So if the High Priest, the One’s chosen vessel can be tricked, why then not others not so blessed? Do they speak of excommunication for the old king of Couviere who was ready to become a kinslayer at his command…

Anyhow I know that you understand my points. You were ever a careful student of the faith even if your love of the physical world has often lead you a stray. So, sister, I ask you to help me in this and ask Symon join your voice to ours, which may be a hopeful sign to the others in our duchy who wonder if he is truly their duke.

With all the love and affection I possess, your sister,


PS I know you are far from Normont, so, if you are in need of spiritual guidance, there is a father Josson at the Cathedral of Sunsreach who is recommended by my friends. He will doubtless be of assistance to you.

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