1866-10-30: A Fatherly Letter
A Fatherly Letter
Summary: Aidric is sent a cheerful letter from his father. It's a really nice and happy one, really.
Date: 1866-10-30
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Aidric  Willard  

My son,

I am writing to let you know that when the observance of Spirit Day has passed, your mother, brother and I will be riding south for the Queen’s wedding. By all the reports I’ve heard you’ve enjoyed the privilege of using our manse in the city and I am glad. However, when we arrive your whores and disreputable friends should be long gone from beneath my roof and the manse should be properly cleaned and blessed. I have enclosed instructions to the staff on the former and you shall find a proper priest for the latter.

I do not trust more to birds, but be sure we shall speak at length. In the meantime, know your kin are well and do pray for you. Also, your mother has told me that she has proper clothing for you and your brother for the wedding, so, there is no need to spend coin.

Written this 20th day of Octobre.
Your father,

Viscount Willard Carling

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