1866-10-31: A Bad Night
A Bad Night
Summary: Emilia has a bit of a bad night.
Date: 1866-10-31
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Emilia  Lon  

There were times when the pull was greater. Storms were always particularly bad, the winds carried the wails so most could hear the Widow, even if they did not know what they heard. And sometimes it was simply because Emilia had been away to long, though the lessons with Lon had been helping to make time away easier. But this night, for some reason, she was always drawn to the ruins on this last night in Octobre.

A hand lightly brushed along one of the symbols in the iron post as she looked within the circle, her dark eyes meeting the black upon black eyes of the Widow, of ELK’a’athren…mother of the shadow within her. Of what she was meant to be…a Banshee Spawn. Emilia shuddered at recalling the description Lord Lucas had given her of them. If Jaren had not arrived to stop the Widow….it is what she would have become and in turn would have killed more. The destruction would have been greater, and perhaps she might have…

Her thoughts were derailed as she heard pebbles tumbling down one of the walls. Emilia whirled away from the iron post, her fingers briefly crossing the invisible barrier in the movement. A shiver as her fingers touched those of the Widow. A frown came, no one save a few came here, and they should all be back at Roseguard. The ‘natural’ defenses kept others away. Her eyes narrowed as she peered into the darkness, seeking the source. Then she saw the shadow perched upon the wall and pressed into the iron post.

The exits were considered, tensing as Emilia tried to figure which was her best bet to break for. The form was huge…a wolf of some kind. There was no way she could face it out right. And then she saw….the eyes. The brilliant blue eyes and a turn of relief came, she murmured faintly,”Lon, you scared me.”

The only response was a growl and the beast jumped from the wall. It was a fluid movement, even the sound when he landed was lesser than it should have been. Then he started moving…no he was…stalking towards her.

Emilia hesitated in the step she had started to take towards him, uncertain,”Lon?” It was him, she knew that. It was always the eyes, she knew them. As he crossed into a beam of moonlight, she saw the coldness in his expression, the hatred in his eyes. And she began backing away, a flicker of her eyes to see if he was just looking at the Banshee…another growl came,”Foul creature!” And then he was launching at her!!!

With a squeak, Emilia broke for the one doorway. Running hard through the broken and partial corridors. Keeping to those she knew were half blocked as she made a path towards the woods. What had happened, changed to set him after her? Another growl echoed from behind her,”Child of Blackened Wood, you will not be suffered to live!” Her eyes blinked, when…had she become nothing but…She shook her head and kept running, there was no time to wonder. Emilia needed to focus on getting away. There was no way she could truly outrun him. Her only hope was her knowledge of the paths and forest, to gain some distance by….

The sound of rocks being tossed, no..cast along as if pebbles sounded behind her. It might be impossible. But she had to try. Her life depended upon it. She lengthened her steps as she hit the open ground between the ruins and forest, fear driving her to added speed. She could hear Lon not far behind her, the fallen rocks, the nearly blocked passages would not slow him by much. But maybe it might be enough?

The tree line grew closer and Emilia pushed harder. Tensing up in those last few steps before launching herself up into the lower branches of one of them. Just barely escaping the swipe of claws that came, the tips ripping her tunic and causing a startled cry. Lon growled angrily,”You will not escape me!”

She glanced back to see the cold calculation in his eyes, the intensity in which he starred at her. He was going to kill her. Her Lon was going to kill her. Was the beast not as separate as he truly though? Or had it all been….She felt the tree shake. She didn’t have time to think like that. She had to move. A leap was made to one of the branches in the next tree. There was no chance to win if she kept to the ground…this was her best shot. Her only shot.

Every bit of ‘pixie’ in her was tested as Emilia climbed up branches before jumping or leaping along into the next tree. Working as fast as she could, trying to listen for his movements over the whistling of the wind in the trees, over the pounding of her heart. She had to get to the castle… Muscles tensed just before she leapt for the next tree, hands reaching, stretching to grab hold of the branch she’d launched herself at.

A scream of pain came as claws ripped into her side and she was knocked out of the air. Hitting the ground with a thud, something cracking as more pain shot through her, the wind getting knocked out of her. She gasped for air, a hand trying to push herself up. Only to have what little breath she’d managed knocked back out of her as the wolf-Lon landed up her. Fear and terror welled up within her as she stared up at the sharp teeth, the predatory look as Lon ‘grinned’. “Now, you die.” A cold certainty in his voice. His arm raised just before claws sliced into her side again and Emilia screamed at the pain, the fear…the betrayal.

A scream that echoed around her room as hands flailed against the wall and side of her bed. Emilia fighting to escape from Lon…no her blankie nest….as she woke from the nightmare. Her breaths rapid as her heart pounded in her head. A hand flew to her side, half expecting there to be blood there, her side in ribbons…it felt..there was a lingering hint of pain…The dream it seemed so real. The other had been…could this be some…Emilia shook her head. How could it be? She was alive…there weren’t scars.

She pulled herself up as her breathing normalized, her heart still beating a bit quickly as her thoughts whirled. Could it come to be? He’s once said he didn’t need to kill her. But what if that changed..was changing? What if she was yet changing? He would be the first to be able to tell…wouldn't he? What if the beast side of him…thought otherwise…what would happen when it surfaced? Two sides to the same coin. The shadows shifted as they whispered, echoing her worries, adding to them. The Shadow within echoing her thoughts, supporting them. Her. A hand reached for her boots, slipping them on. She needed air, she needed answers.

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