1866-11-10: From Brother, From Sister
From Brother, From Sister
Summary: Replies from Normont.
Date: 1866-11-10
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Tiadora  Symon  Rhea  

Arriving with separate ravens on the same day


You too? Rhea and Aaron have already spoken to me at length about overturning the excommunication. Anyhow, I have put it to uncle Tarquin and his priests for now and we shall see what comes of it. Anyhow, we did see Paul honoured here and his wife who passed recently of a fever.

We are bleeding Gerrells and ones I hoped we could trust.

Anyhow, there is more news of course, but I will speak of it to you in person when I arrive. Which, I think should not be long after this letter. We are cheating some and using Baron Haver’s faegate to make the trip. I will see you soon.

Your brother,



It is good to find the south has not entirely corrupted you sister and that you have joined your voice to Aaron’s and my own. Unfortunately it did not move Symon’s stone heart as much as we might like. He has asked uncle Tarquin to look into what church law says of the matter, in a move that smacks of stalling, as it was done before he departed for the capital. I will ensure uncle Tarquin comes to the right decision, but swaying Symon will fall to you. I shall pray to the One that the one gives you courage and a silver tongue.

In the meantime rest assured that Symon did make offerings for Paul and his his wife Patience, who passed this week of a sudden illness. Word should be coming to Kieran and Mother Lasair along with my words. I know you will be a comfort to them as well. As for mother and father, there was no public offerings made for them, but I have heard word that many of our vassals did make offerings in secret in their memory.

Anyhow, I shall leave you with my hopes and prayers and some gladness that you have found some friends in the south, I trust they are virtuous ones.


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