1866-11-18: A Moment in the Moonlight
A Moment in the Moonlight
Summary: A bit of reflection is had after the latest of Emilia's siblings weddings, as well as a bit of foolishness.
Date: 1866-11-18
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A breath of air was drawn deeply as she stepped off the garden path, into the shadow of the trees. It was quieter here, though even now with the reception winding down, there was still the burble of voices carried upon the wind. It had been such a flurry, less people than Jaren’s..and yet the excitement within the air had been no lesser. Least within the manse, but then the King and Queen had come to celebrate. She doubted that much of anything would have kept Jaren away. Would that still be the case when it came for Devlin to marry?

A shake of her head came as she pushed the thought along with the others that were starting to form behind it. They were not entirely her own, and she knew it. She sighed as her hands ran over the rich burgundy fabric of her dress. It had been quite the night. Raelyn had looked stunning, and happy. But then Emilia knew her sister had been besotted with the Warden for some time.

Her dark eyes turned down as a finger caught within one of the many folds and turns within the fabric. Watching a moment at the stray sparkles that occurred under the moonlight within the diamonds of the lower fastening. Clara had been right…people had noticed. She was certain that had pleased the Princess, as it had been her design and thus the notice was as much for her as Emilia. Jaren and Devlin had even done double takes, and Graham as well, Emilia was certain she'd seen his mouth gaping a bit. Surprised it was her in such a dress…or that it had simply been her even.

It had drawn attention….she had drawn attention. A reminder of why she did not like to wear dresses, and why it had been the better choice to wear it for Raelyn's wedding…not Jaren's. Especially since she had no part to play within this 'smaller' event. Though she doubted it would stop Raelyn from getting more inquires about her, but with luck..perhaps Jaren had dealt with the most there would be. Emilia doubted her sister would be quite as…diplomatic on that front. For there had not only been looks her way…but ones that had lingered. But truly none had mattered but his.

He is…

<"Be shutting of up,"> murmured Emilia, though the thought echoed in her head was much louder, silencing Them before They could think to finish. <"You have had of your say…enough."> Using the flicker of shock she felt in Them to further tamp Them down. Finding some pleasure in Their reaction as she drew upon the memory of seeing him. A thing that did please her, dressed to fit in amongst those present…not quite noble, but the clothing still rather fine. How handsome he had looked within it. She had felt so foolish for how it had distracted her when she first caught sight of him.

And the looks he had given her…. Her cheeks warmed thinking of those looks, of how close he had been, the feel of his hand upon her waist when they had danced… How she had wished to Dance then! By the One she had…did. But..Light…if people had thought the dances of the common folk a scandal…that would have done them in. Emilia's cheeks warming further, a hand drifting to touch to her face. Thankful none were there to see how crimson they must be.

Dark eyes turned to look back in the direction of the manse, a half formed wonder…thought…about how best to sneak in along. A mild shiver, from the thought, from the cool air that touched upon her bare shoulders…it was hard to tell. She sighed with a shake of her head and looked up through the trees to the moon and starlight above. She was being such a foolish girl.

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