1866-11-18: The Wedding of Raelyn Cassomir and Stephen Greycen
The Wedding of Raelyn Cassomir and Stephen Greycen
Summary: Viscountess Raelyn Cassomir weds Lord Stephen Greycen
Date: 11/18/1866 IA
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The Cassomir Manse in Sunsreach
The Courtyard of the Cassomir Manse on a sunny fall morning.
Novembre 18, 1866 IA

Four days have passed since the wedding of Jaren Cassomir and Queen Alysande Tracano, and while much of the city of Sunsreach remains in a celebratory mood (and likely will through the next month, it has settled down somewhat as a fair number of those that had come to the city for the wedding itself have already departed to attend to other business. With all of the ceremony and pageantry and revelling that came with the Royal nuptials, it may not be any surprise that another wedding taking place in the city does not seem to attract nearly so much notice. Even less of a surprise when that lack of notice is by design. Still, that does not dampen a considerable bit of good cheer and pleasant anticipation to the day’s proceedings in the courtyard of the Cassomir Manse in Sunsreach.

None of this is to say that the wedding is a secret, or that there isn’t a distinguished guest-list. Indeed, the Queen herself is present as the guest of honor, with the newly-crowned King standing for the bride (appropriate given that he technically negotiated the match…even if there was little negotiation involved). Once again all the Princes and Princesses of Rivana are in attendance, whether due to ties of friendship or family to the pair being wedded today. Alongside the royal Tracanos is a large segment of the Greycens. Most noticeable at the moment being Lord Thaddeus Greycen, who stands near the front of the assembly, awaiting the arrival of the groom.

Opposite Thaddeus stands the Viscountess Raelyn and her brother (and king) Jaren, and between the two parties is the Archbishop Sirrah Lancella, who was highly amused when Raelyn asked her to officiate this wedding, as it had been a very, very long time since she’d performed one. Still, never one to shrink from a challenge nor withdraw from a friend and ally, Sirrah agreed, and so she stands in ceremonial robes emblazoned with the Sanctum Sun, a smile already upon her lips, and even in stillness projecting a degree of vigor surprising for a woman of her advanced age.

The rest of the room is filled with nobles from both houses and their vassals, including Duke Rodrigo Greycen (who’s looking quite cheerful) and Lady Emilia and Lord Devlin Cassomir, of course, as well as Raelyn’s foster-brother Destrian Rosendal and several Durantes, who bear long-standing blood ties with the Cassomir. Of course several individual friends of whatever house have been invited by either bride or groom as well (space permitting). Unlike many noble weddings, however, there is a corner of the courtyard where several commoners are gathered. Mostly Huntresses, Hedge Knights, and other valued servants of the Cassomir family. Among this group sits a blue-eyed and blonde-haired fellow in “good for a commoner” clothing. While a reasonably handsome fellow, he is unlikely to attract any more attention than those that surround him, save perhaps for those few here that know who and what he is. Given that he’s here by at least one of those people’s invitation (and the others likely forewarned), “Lonar” isn’t going to make any stir. Though his attention seems more focused on the bride’s sister than Raelyn herself.

The courtyard of the manse is a bit chilly this morning, but the sun is rapidly burning that chill away. Then the proper signals are given, and the doors at the far end of the courtyard open to admit Lord Stephen Greycen, walking arm-in-arm with the Stone Lioness herself, Duchess Eleanor Greycen. Both are clad in Greycen colors, with Stephen having the added adornment of the wedding cloak, which is very well-made but simple in design: Just the crest of House Greycen writ large on a field of white, trimmed in blue. They proceed down the aisle to where the main participants in this proceeding await, and then part, though not before Stephen gives Eleanor a brief peck on the cheek, and she even displays a rare, if subdued, smile, perhaps even with the ever-so-slightest glimmer of warmth. She may be known to be a cold and forbidding woman, but she is human, and in the grand scheme of things, her second-eldest son is fulfilling his purpose with this marriage. Besides, if nothing else she can manage appearances. One doesn’t survive at Court if they can’t, and in her day, Eleanor was one of the most formidable courtiers of the time (and few would claim she’s lost many steps since then). Which isn’t to say that she’s displeased at all by this match and these proceedings. Short, sweet, and to the point suits her just fine. She moves over to where Rodrigo awaits, holding out an arm, which she takes, even if her expression shifts to serenely intent. Appearances.

Mayhaps the celebratory air that has permeated Sunsreach is finally having an impact upon the most stoic of the Cassomir’s, for Emilia actually gives the tiniest of smiles along to Raelyn from her place beside Devlin. Before the opening of the doors has her attention turning towards the far part of the courtyard and the pair that appears. Her expression fading back to that more stoic turn common to her. Though her eyes drift soon enough from the Duchess and her soon-to-be-Count.

Thankfully, there appears nothing insincere about the smile that Stephen directs towards Raelyn when he steps up beside her, pausing only a moment to briefly embrace his brother beforehand. The betrothed pair has been seen out and about in Sunsreach and Ironhold and even Pacitta for a few months now, and all signs have pointed towards a happy betrothal, if not an outright love-match.

With the players in place, Sirrah lifts her hands to gain the attention of the crowd, which has grown quiet with the arrival of the groom, and speaks. While her voice is not so well suited to oratory as Alpin Langford’s, it nevertheless rings clearly in the courtyard:

“Honored guests, friends and family, we gather here today to honor and bear witness to the alliance of the noble houses of Greycen and Cassomir, through the joining of the Viscountess Raelyn Cassomir and Lord Stephen Cassomir in marriage. Long have these two houses been allied in deeds and fealty to the Crown of Rivana, and now let them be joined in kinship. May the One Above look down from his Kingdom and bless this union with prosperity and happiness. Together, may they be strong. Together, may their faith remain unbroken.” And with that invocation given (considerably less secular than the Royal Wedding, but while certainly this alliance has political underpinnings to it, it is, ultimately, less about the Kingdom as a whole…not to mention considerably less worshippers of faiths other than the Church of the One God being present), Sirrah lowers her hands, and beckons for the pair to speak their vows.

Raelyn briefly smiles and inclines her head towards Sirrah, before her brown eyes turn towards her husband-to-be, filled with a rare, open display of warmth as she speaks, “Today, in sight of the One God and all who are gathered, I vow to honor the sacrifice of those from both our houses who have fallen in defense of our families and the kingdom they serve. I vow that as both Viscountess and wife, I will do all in my power to insure that this marriage and the alliance it represents flourishes and bears fruit. I vow that I will take no other man to my bed, nor, I hope, to my heart.” A touch of pink to Raelyn’s cheeks at that, but she continues without faltering. “I vow that I will always hear your counsel, and consider it carefully. At the last, I vow that I will do all that I can to insure that the lands that we will rule side-by-side will truly be a home to you, and that our family, both present and future, will embrace you as our own. All these things I swear, this day and forevermore. May the One above hear my words and know them for truth.”

With Raelyn’s vows concluded, Stephen clears his throat, his expression growing more serious, though there’s still the glimmer of a smile on his face when he speaks, though only after clearing his throat. Whereas Raelyn’s delivery was steadfast and laced with a touch of warmth, Stephen’s has a bit of a quaver of nervousness at first, though it grows more confident as the moments pass:

“Here and now, in sight of the One God and any who would bear witness, I swear that I will bear allegiance to our House and our family as though it were that of my birth. I swear that all that I have, all that I am, and all I may yet be will be turned to the service of your House and family, and through them to the Kingdom we serve. I swear I will honor the bond we seal today with fidelity, from now until the end of my days. I swear I will act with the prosperity and happiness of our family, our lands, and our people foremost in my mind.” His lips tic in a half-smile as he adds, “I swear that I will ever hold the hope for love between us in my heart, and be thankful should it take root there. I solemnly vow all these things, today and until my end. Let all assembled and the One above know these words to be spoken truly.”

With the vows spoken, Stephen is the first to turn to his brother Thaddeus, who places a golden ring in his hand. The soon-to-be-former Greycen Lord takes Raelyn’s left hand, and slides the ring onto the third finger, lifting the hand to kiss the ring a moment later. Raelyn then mirrors the motion, accepting the ring from Jaren, who actually winks (WINKS!) at his sister when he places it in her hand, though it’s not likely noticed beyond those very near the front, if at all. In any case, Raelyn places the ring on the requisite finger of Stephen’s left hand, and follows suit with the kiss. And with both those motions complete….

“The bond is professed, now let it be sealed.” Sirrah intones, her words and tone appropriately solemn, but there just might be a touch of merry twinkle to her eyes as she regards the pair before her, and truth be told, they need little prompting, comfortably slipping into each others arms and gladly stealing a kiss from each other that is, perhaps sadly for some, well within the bounds of propriety, but also held longer than would be normal for a purely political match. In either case, it is accompanied by the polite applause of those assembled.

And with that done, Raelyn reaches to Stephen’s shoulders, and now being the head of the Cassomir House, turns the cloak herself, revealing the Cassomir crest and colors beneath, to continued applause, though after the cloak is firmly re-affixed, Raelyn turns, and a well-weathered woman in Huntress leathers steps forward from the sidelines. Maggie is a contemporary of Raelyn’s mentor (her aunt Renee), and the eldest Huntress still in active service to House Cassomir. She reaches into a pouch at her waist, and produces a small vial of iron filings, dangling from a finely-wrought steel chain. Raelyn carefully accepts the token, and turns to Stephen, speaking briefly,

“The land provides its’ bounty to our people, and through our people, we reap the rewards of that bounty. Let this token stand as a symbol of that bond between land, people and liege, and a reminder of the responsibilities that we then bear to those that serve.”

And with that, Raelyn places the chain around Stephen’s neck, and then turns to face the audience for another round of applause. When it wanes, it is Sirrah’s voice that speaks once more.

“The ceremony is now concluded. May the One God guide you all in peace.” She pauses briefly, then adds slightly more informally, “On behalf of House Cassomir, all present are invited for feasting and dancing within the main hall.”

And there will indeed be a feast. Not nearly so grand and expansive as the Royal nuptials just a few days prior, but still filled with more than enough fine repast and libations for all, space and time for dancing, and plenty of good cheer well into the evening. Though many present well know that the real celebration will be when the pair returns to Ironhold. To say nothing of the Huntresses likely planning their own soiree of sorts in honor of their Mistress and their new Viscount.

Ultimately, as ever seems to be the case, as go the Tracano so follow the Cassomir, and a page is turned as a new chapter begins for the County of Ironhold and the family that rules it….


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