1866-12-16: Starry Night
Starry Night
Summary: A thought of quiet celebration is brought to heel when a moment is taken to contemplate the stars. (Standard warning of…there are Voices, there may be creepy)
Date: 1866-12-16
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A brief shiver came with the chilly night air rushing over her as she opened the window. Her dark eyes turning up to the stars as she stepped up on the sill. The stone yet holding a bit of warmth as her bare feet found a place for her to settle and perch for a few moments, before she might continue on. Simply watching the few wisps of clouds as they occasionally obscured some of the stars or drifted over the moon. Enjoying the moment of it.

The night is yours. We must go out and celebrate.

There was wish for some celebration, though not in the way They wished. A finger lightly traced over the marking on the leather band that was loosely wrapped around her hand. Her eyes slowly dropping to look at it as a smile came to her lips. She had not expected to win, not again. Emilia was certain that it had only been because Raelyn had been off in Pattica, because some of the other Huntresses had not been there, that she had won there. Even that Wraith Corvin had not done as well as she'd seen before. This time…She had only won over Raelyn by a few points…Had this truly brought her luck as it was said favors could do? Had he been pleased to have her ask for it, to wear it?

He cares not. You, it means nothing to him.

He had been there, she had caught sight of him amongst the crowd. Those blue eyes, and she had seen that wolfy grin of his flash when he'd caught her looking for him. He was proud of her, her performance…wasn't he? She knew Raelyn and Jaren were, even if Raelyn was perhaps disappointed in her own showing. She knew her sister was proud of her. But him? She honestly didn't know. She knew he thought…even felt differently then she…mortals did, he had spoken of those differences once. Was she just being foolish, believing…seeing..what she wanted to? What she wished to exist? Slowly she slipped back down from the window sill.

It is an act. Unfinished business.

Fingers uncurled from the leather as the token was gently placed upon the window sill. It would have been an excuse to go to him. To continue out her window, to find her way to his. It would have been…hasty. That is what he had said of them, mortals. Of her. He had not meant it a flaw. He had said that. But it had been a stark reminder for her of how time was different to him. Perhaps she did go to quickly, to often. Had become to bold. He never spoke of that, or voiced complaint. Though he was quick to speak of lessons, the need not to lose focus upon them. Always reminding her of that. It was her duty.

You are his duty. A task to see completed. Nothing more.

A soft sigh slipped, she knew it didn't matter in the end. What he thought…or felt about her. It did not change how she had come to feel about…for him. She would do her duty as much for him as she did her family. A finger lightly touched to the leather, she would simply see that it found way back to his room come the 'marrow. Emilia knew there were times he was out in the morning, she could see it returned then. A last glance up at the stars before she turned from the window and walked to her bed, leaving the leather token upon the open window sill. Crawling over the bed to slink into the nest of blankets upon the other side. The weddings had come and gone, the tournament would be finished soon…and a return to home could come soon after. A return to Her, it would quiet Them a bit. For awhile. She was tiring of Their new games, tactics. Home. So much would be different…and yet, much would be the same.

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