1867-01-01: What Comes Next
=What Comes Next
Summary: Aidric sends letters to Clara and Tristan with plans for the coming year.
Date: 1867-01-01
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Aidric  Tristan  Clara  

Delivered by servant on New Years Day, 1667

Cousins Tristan and Clara,

Salutations upon the dawn of the new year. Now, straight to business. The celebrations are past, the Queen is wed, but to my mind there is more work to be done. The people of Sunsreach and those who could make the journey for the festivities are very likely to be sick of all things pertaining to the royal wedding, but, not so the realm. As such I thought to share some of the joy of the wedding with the realm by employing a dozen or so bards to sing of the wedding in common taverns and noble halls throughout the realm. Naturally as this would be an undertaking to help their Majesties secure their reign it ought to be royal coin that pays the bards. My second idea on this line is that the royal couple ought to be seen by their people. Not a full royal progress, they have too much work to do in both the council and the bedchamber for that, but, trips to Falconhome, Charger's Rest and Stoneshield would not go amiss and allow the common people, on whom much of the couple's power rests, a chance to see their new king and queen. The court would travel with them of course and in general it would allow the Dukes and Duchesses to show off and strengthen the bonds of the realm.

I would be happy to call upon you both at the palace to discuss this at your earliest convenience.


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