1867-01-18: Forced Rest
Forced Rest
Summary: While 'forced' to recover from Gatesickness, Emilia's thoughts wander about a bit randomly.
Date: 1867-01-18
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A slight sigh slipped as Emilia set curled in the chair, she had would have to be here for a couple of days…one at the very least. To recover from Gatesickness. A thing she had not suffered for years now, but ever to pretend she did. She still worried over what people would do if they figured out she was not impacted.

They will lock you away. They will run tests upon you. We will not allow it.

A few would likely understand, or least not be alarmed. But beyond those few? With how many wished for some reprieve from the sickness that came with the trips through the faegates…They were likely not all to wrong. If not the Church, then some aspiring and greedy entrepreneurial person would seek her, or worse…one of those Syndicate families. She could still remember the looks those Abara’s had given them.

They are nothing. They are weak. We are stronger.

Emilia shook her head a little, no doubt They would have the same solution to dealing with the Huntresses as They did to deal with Abara. Though she had to admit, They were getting some different ideas of late. Even if Their hunger did often drive the same idea again and again. Ever disappointed she wouldn’t go search up a ‘companion’. As temporary as that would be.

They would be sweet. We hunger. They would satisfy.

Doubtful. There was always that hunger there. Emilia knew that. After all, how many had the Widow claimed and yet there was hunger? Or the banshee the Prophet Hashim had spoken of. It had been interesting the news he brought. The death of a banshee. It was possible. But the cost of life to make it..what..alive enough to be killed? It had been great. To great. Yet…he had spoken of wishing to have better news. To bring hope.

They will pay for their desecration and insolence. We will avenge our loss.

A sigh slipped, Emilia could feel Their anger growing and churning. It happened any time she tried to think through the news that had been brought. She was going to get no further today than before. She would not have time to give it proper thought until she visited ‘home’. Until then a distraction is…that was it. Pressing up from the chair and heading towards the corner with her supplies. She had to make a show of ‘recovering’ but none would mind if she painted a little, or think much of it. And she had promised Casella some time. It would work perfectly. It would quiet Them and she’d not be stuck bundled up and away for the rest of the required time.

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