1867-01-26: Packing
Summary: Tiadora has NOTHING TO WEAR to Ironhold.
Date: 1867-01-26
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'I should be used to this by now,' Tiadora thought. She stood before her wardrobe with a maid waiting dutifully alongside. She had a wardrobe. With colors. And NOTHING to wear.

Well, nothing appropriate anyhow. What -does- one wear to a hunt? Was this like a real hunt where one goes out to kill things and then eat them? Or one of those story hunts where everyone wears beautiful riding outfits and prances along on their horses for fun? Could she ask Emilia or Raelyn or Clara what was appropriate without looking stupid? Probably not.

She had a riding doublet. A practical black leather doublet with long heavy skirts split for riding and dark red trim for sake of her house coloration. It was entirely boring and practical and something her mother insisted she wear if Uncle Paul insisted she go out riding.

It was designed to be worn over a corset- of course. She hated riding in the corset. It made her feel like she was shoved into a box and bouncing up and down. She could barely breathe. And the corsets seemed to be getting tighter even when she was lacing them more loosely, no matter what she did about the bust. Growing up and out maybe. 'One shelter me…'

So she needed something new to wear and had NO TIME. It wasn't as if Tiadora could just BUY something a merchant had lying around; she was a bit too big for that. Maybe she should have started thinking about this sooner. What would she wear to Ironhold. What to wear to travel through the gate. And then the welcome feast. And then the hunt. Or hunts. Could she wear the same thing more than once? Was that Done As Fashion?

And what would Devlin think of her in her ugly plain black fat boring old leather riding attire? The unbidden thought made her blush bright red.

NO time. Throw it all in. She'd figure it out when she got there.

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