1867-02-06: A Little Rework
A Little Rework
Summary: Emilia receives a visit from the house healer after pushing it a bit to much that day.
Date: 1867-02-06
Related: Occurs later in the evening after Wine and Ferrets

The breath was held as the healer pulled the bloodied bandages away from her leg. She knew what he would find - the stitches had been torn open again. She had felt them go when they had moved her back to her room. Even if people would have been understood, Emilia had needed to put in some appearance, to aid with the many guests that were in Roseguard. Raelyn and Stephen had their hands full with having the normal guests that might come for a hunt, plus to have the Alhazred delegation present as well as those seeking to already check up on the new Viscountess. To say nothing of the eyes that were watching her, guests and Huntresses alike.

“We will have to clean the wound again before restitching it, Lady Emilia.” Practiced hands already set to work in laying out the items and instruments he would need. “I warned you that you should have not pushed it today and should have used the day to rest.” There was that mild chiding, even if Leoric’s tone had a bit of a fatherly edge to it.

Emilia have a small nod,”I am of knowing, Master Leoric.” A faint tug fleetingly occurring at the corners of her lips,”Of aye, you were of warning mr. And do not of worry, I will stay abed of tomorrow.” She needed the break as much as she needed the rest.

“Should she be given another draught before we begin, Master Leoric? Or a few drops of the milk of poppy?” The young apprentice having noticed not just the pale coloring, but how Emilia clenched her hands, the tightness about her eyes…those small signs indicating the pain she was in. But the girl awaiting a response for which to fetch. Already posed to select either up at the healer’s direction.

“Good eye, Leah.” But Leoric was shaking his head,” It most cases, we would. But Lady Emilia reacts poorly to them….”

If it weren’t for the pain, Emilia might have actually laughed at the absurdity of that understandment. The nightmares. The screams. The risk to unleashing Them. Poorly, indeed.

“…Remember how we talked about that? Some patients will react adversely to some tonics and treatments.” Leoric looked to Emilia as he inquired,”Are you ready for me to begin, m’lady?” He did always give her warning, a lesson learned early.

Emilia met his gaze as she gave a nod,”Of aye.” Though it was the mixed look of surprise and pity upon Leah’s face, that had Emilia closing her eyes. Thankfully, Leoric began quizzing the girl about the signs of an adverse reaction to distract her from Emilia. It also gave Emilia slight distraction from the added jolts of pain that came as the wound was flushed again. Not so much his words, but the sound of his voice. Almost thankful when he moved on to the stitching, the pricks of the skin were easier to manage. A little.

She focused on keeping her breathing as smooth and even as she could, even if she could not help the sharp intakes that occurred a few times. Emilia could sense the change in his work after each, trying to be easy about it..least as much as he could and yet see the task properly done. Her fingers curling tight into the sheets as he worked. Having found another use for the many lessons Lon had been putting her through. It was a different sort of ‘practice’ this. But it was still a use for what he had been teaching her.

Fingers loosened a little after the last stitches were placed, and a breath slipped in faint sigh as she felt the cooling sensation upon her skin as the unguent was applied. The worst of it was over, and things would return to that dull ache.

“Lady Emilia, I’ll just need to change the other bandages before we leave you to rest.”

“Of aye, of course, Master Leoric.” Emilia giving a slight nod. This would be easier, the wound to her chest hadn’t suffered from her stubbornness. Though it was not the feel of the healer pulling the bandages away that had Emilia opening her eyes again, but the question that came from Leah.

“What caused that scarring? It doesn’t look quite like any of the other wounds you’ve had me work with, nor any in the books?”

It was meant to be a whisper from leah to Leotic, but Emilia had heard it easily enough. And she knew exactly what Leah was referring to. The mark The Widow had left just over her heart. Her dark eyes settled upon the young apprentice, as Emilia answered the question herself,”It is being of a burn scar.” Least as far anyone was concerned, but then she could count the number of people who even knew the mark existed upon her fingers.

It seemed to startle the girl, Emilia answering. And had her looking briefly abashed before she managed to recover and focus to gathering up the healers things as he finished up with the unguent and set to applying a new bandage.

“There.” Leoric eased the tunic back down after he finished with the dressing. “I’ll check back tomorrow evening. But if you need anything,” meaning if she pushed herself too much again,”just send for me. Shall I have some of the tea brought?”

Emilia a faint tug to the corners of her lips at the reminder to go easy, in his subtle way. But the matter of the tea had her giving a small nod,”Of aye, if you would. I am not of likely to fall asleep for a bit. It will of help. Of thanking, Master Leoric.” Giving a small incline of her head to Leah as well, before settling against the pillow. A hand fussing at her blanket a bit as they departed the room. Faintly catching the first of the questions that Leah had for Leoric,”How does she do it?” And faintly wonder just how Leoric was going to deal with that one. She managed it, because she had to. It was that simple….Wasn’t it?

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