1867-02-27: A Growing Divide
A Growing Divide
Summary: After the Cassomir party leaves for Venderos, a pair of Huntresses have a bit of a talk about their new Mistress of the Hunt.
Date: 1867-02-27
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Life at Roseguard was quieter than it had been for much of the prior month between the hunt and the many guests that had come for that plus the Alhazred as well. But with most guests, save the Alhazred, long since departed and a fair number having recently set out to attend and compete in the Tournament at Venderos it allowed for a little more down time once again. Time that appears to have a few Huntresses making use of their common room.

"See, what did I tell ya?" The statement coming as Nia picks up one of the half-sandwiches,"They sent him along with her. I was right!" That sandwich being used to punctuate the statement as well before she flops down into one of the chairs.

Not even taking a pause from the leather harness she is working on, Maria looks up at her huntress-sister,"What are you talking about? Who him and her?" Half curious to just who Nia is referring to. "And mind yourself with that, you have already stained two tunics this past month alone." Something of a friendly motherly chiding in it.

The reminder about stained tunics has Nia sticking her tongue out at the slightly older Maria, but otherwise waving off the matter. "Lonar and Emilia is who." Seeming a bit exasperated that she'd actually have to say who. "Remember how I said they hired him on to keep a watch after her? All that time he spends looking after her about here, them so called lessons. And now? Sending him off with her to Venderos? Why else would he be going? Sir Devlin is competing so ain't gonna have time to keep an eye after her, and those sisters going with, hand picked, they'd just turn a blind eye to anything. So they sent him after to make sure she's kept after." A rather smug bite being taken from her sandwich after explaining the 'situation'.

Maria shakes her head as she looks back to the bit of leather she is currently working over with oil. "While I do agree there aren't exactly lessons going on there. I really don't think he's around her because he's being paid to keep tabs on her, or keep her out of whatever you think it is she'd be getting into, or causing."

Nia pauses in the chewing of a bite of sandwich, and ends up swallowing it without further chewing, nearly choking a bit in the process. "What else would he be hanging about her for? There is just something about him. It's like he'd as much kill ya as look at you. Probably some hired merc, not a woodsman like we've done been told." Pausing as she starts raising that sandwich for another bite as she thinks to ask,"What is it you think is going on with them lessons?" The younger Huntress seemingly baffled at what it could be.

Maria gives Nia a mildly amused look as she goes on at her take upon the situation,"I do think you may well be the one in need of some lessons. Are you really that blind to the way he is with her? The turn of affection that is sometimes showing between them?" Shaking her head again,"I'm right sure, he ain't been tasked ta be looking after her as yer thinking, and rightly certain he ain't of a mind ta be killing anyone about here."

"Affection?" The very idea of just boggles Nia's mind. Especially concerning the 'touched' Huntress and that kind of affection. "Surely you're joking? Right?" The one shaking her head now, as it just isn't a concept she can wrap her mind around. "I mean…even if he had some sort of interest like that in her…Is she even capable of affection. She is just always so…stony." Chewing on a bite of her sandwich before she just shakes her head again. Dismissing the idea. "Still say he's been brought on to be her keeper. Means that don't trust her none either, and proves she ain't fit to be Mistress of the Hunt. Rightly don't know why she was even allowed ta be a Huntress."

Hands come to an abrupt halt in their work on cleaning and oiling the leather as Maria stares at Nia,"You best mind your tongue and keep thoughts like that to yourself. She passed the tests just like you did, and has gone and won a few tournaments to boot. Last I recall, when you've gone, you didn't even make it past any of the preliminary rounds. She's got skills and far more right ta be Mistress than you'll ever have. And say they were hand picked all ya want, but aren't your friends amongst those who went?"

“Only cause her last name is Cassomir,” Nia retorts. Muttering a bit,”Should have gone ta Adrienne. Don’t have ta worry about if she’s gonna shoot ya or the target.” A loud,”Ow!” came along with a sharp pain on the side of her head. “What…”

“I told ya ,hold yer tongue. Speaking like that is speaking against the Viscountess, not just the Mistress of the Hunt.” Maria near growling at Nia as she stood over the younger Huntress. “You best give that some thought before you go spilling yer thoughts so freely about.” A glare given before she went back to snatch up the harness where she’d dropped it before stalking out of the room.

Nia rubbed the side of her head, returning the glare. And wishing her friends hadn’t gone off to tournament. They’d understand.

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