1867-03-03: A Good Day
A Good Day
Summary: After a day of shopping in Venderos, Emilia's thoughts wander a bit over the day and some recent events. (Oh an there are Voices.)
Date: 1867-03-03
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It had been a good day. The day had allowed them to spend time just exploring a bit of Venderos and get some shopping in. Emilia was still not entirely sure she was up to actually wearing the dress Clara had come up with. It was a beautiful design, but did she really want that many eyes potentially looking at her, even if that is what she had promised Lonar she would attempt to do…draw attention for his amusement? At least in the end, few would truly give much mind to her beyond the evening. It was at least some consolation to Emilia, that bit of knowledge.

We must use this. We must sate Our Hunger. We must hunt.

But it had been good to see Clara laugh and fully herself again, Emilia had worried about the lasting impacts of what information and news she had shared before they left. She could still remember so clearly just how Clara had reacted to it all..the information about what Emilia had done…to Victor. About Victor himself. The news about the banshee had not helped matters. She had perhaps been wrong to share that news. But yet…she had thought it was something Clara would want to know…and that it would be best she have others she could talk to. But even without true details, the impact had been severe. Emilia was beginning to see what the price was for Clara, even if her friend did not see it. She would have to take better care in the future of what, if anything more, was shared with her friend.

She is not to be trusted. She is weak. She must be taken care if.

It would not be difficult. She was practiced enough at it. And with distractions like today. Emilia shaked her head a little bit as she finished preparing for bed. It would be better to simply focus on the now, not the later. To enjoy the tournament at hand. There were so many events, and rightfully, Emilia did half wonder if the added events were not to just help keep outsiders busy and from having too much free time to wander and explore. She had noticed the level of security, and even Lucas had spoken about being pointed back when trying to head into the woods for a bit.

They cannot contain Us. We can go where We please. Let Us show them.

A mild shake of her head came as she slipped into bed. There would be the jousts tomorrow, it would make for a long day. But it would give her further chance to listen and speak with those who had come, foreigner and local alike. Raelyn wished for some turn of news, and Emilia was certain her sister wanted more than just news on the latest fashion. It was an interesting dance figuring which topics even that would cause a Venderosians tongue to loosen. But something to further tomorrow, as Emilia’s head settled upon the pillow.

We can make them speak. Allow Us to loosen their tongues.

She had started to doze off when she heard the door. And soon heard that chuckle that followed as he noticed her there in his bed. Her eyes opened enough to see his shadow amongst the darkness, murmuring tiredly, "Oh of shush and get of in here." She could feel the warmth of the color that tinged her cheeks, for her words, for her boldness. It caused another chuckle to come, deepening a touch when she scooted to make room in the bed, his bed. Even for his amusement, she watched as his shadow moved within the others as he readied for sleep. And she soon felt the movement upon the bed and his warmth as he joined her. There was amusement in the rumble that came as she quickly nestled in alongside of him but there was still that arm that encircled her. It was not quite her nest of blankies…but this would do. It had been a good day.

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