1867-03-12: A Birth in Venderos
A Birth in Venderos
Summary: Bella l'Corren gives birth to the future duke of Murnord.
Date: 1867-03-12
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Michael  Bella  Dora  Lucius  

Somewhere in the palace there is a ball going on, but not where Michael is. The heir to Murnord, looks worried and paces back and forth in a small solar off the bedroom that had been given over to his wife. Inside, Bella was giving birth to their first child.

The l’Corren knight looks a touch ragged, his fine doublet left open, the shirt underneath damp with nervous sweat and a bit of wine he’d spilled earlier. Nearby his father-in-law, the redoubtable Prince Lucius Callidus stands calmly, mildly amused by Michael’s pacing. Nearby are some of the Prince’s guards and Michael’s right hand, Sir Addam t’Callar.

Everyone stirs as the door to Bella’s chamber opens. At first it seems as though the woman herself has emerged, but then she’s a twin, such things happen. Dora Callidus grins nearly ear to ear. “Papa, Michael, it’s done. Come see.”

Michael’s head and had twisted swiftly at the sound of door opening and he’d squeezed his medal of Saint Sarah so hard, it left marks in his palm. Though when he sees Dora’s smile all the worry drains from him like wine from a burst skin. “And Bella?” he asks even as he moves towards the door.

“Fine,” Dora says as she steps away to let Michael pass.

Lucius follows, calmly, shaking his head to his daughter as she joins him in following Michael into the birthing chamber. The guards and Sir Addam remain outside.

Not long after word spreads throughout Venderos that the future Duke and Duchess of Murnord welcomed their heir Bryon Eduard l’Corren into the world.

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