1867-03-12: No More
No More
Summary: After the evening at the Venderos Ball, Emilia's thoughts wonder a little and a conversation ensures…with the Voices.
Date: 1867-03-12
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Silk covered fingers ran over the green velvet of the dress, it was an odd feeling, she wasn’t used to wearing such a goe nor gloves in truth. Dark eyes drifted down to look at the gown, it had turned out beautifully. The gold trim and the turns of rust, it really was like the changing forest, perfect for a forest nymph to blend amongst the trees. Only she had not been amongst the trees tonight. And it had brought attention. How many had she ended up dancing with in the end?

We had our choice and you didn’t allow Us a selection. The last one would have been easy prey. Why did you resist? He would have been sweet.

There was a sigh as Emilia shook her head. The young Lord had been handsome, and eager to have her go walk with him. She had even considered it for a moment. A moment she blamed on the wine and Them. <Because it would have been of wrong. And we are of having very different views on the definition of sweet.> A faint face was made, it was still far too easy to recall the ‘taste’ of Victor. She was certain it was one of her memories that would never fade.

That is no comparison to make. He was a foul thing that needed to be put down. Our duty to do so. The options tonight, We could have such fun with them before truly discovering just how sweet they were. You could have used some fun. They were willing, if you had just accepted. And allowed Us to choose.

A brow twitched up just briefly. <Fun? And just what of fun……oh.> A slight ting coming to her cheeks as Emilia shook her head to get rid of the images that had been pushed into her thoughts. She knew They had Their own memories and knowledge, but that had certainly /not/ been an area touched upon before. <Of aye, I know there were of some who were quite of willing.> While most had been perfectly fine and pleasant as they had danced, there had been more than one whose hand had slipped with suggestions they retire along. Emboldened as the evening had progressed and the wine had continued to flow. <It would have caused of trouble to allow you such of tastes. Besides, I do not have of need or of desire to accept such of offers. I have….> The protest becoming cut off as They interjected, knowing where Emilia was going.

And where was he tonight? It is not them who amuses him, it is you and your stumbling about to please that amuses him. All of this for him and yet he witnessed none of it. You should have had fun, allowed Us to have fun. You are nothing but a toy and amusement for him. You are better, you are more.

She began to pulled the gloves off as she turned from the window. She had no answer on where he had been, what he had done instead…or when he would return. Only that it would likely be before their scheduled gate time. She took a breath. <It does not matter where he was, or is. I did as I of said, that is what matters. Be-of-sides, you know he would have had of no interest of all if not for you.> She could feel Them churn is disgust at that. But it was true. He would have paid no attention to her, if they had met at all. She was just another mortal. If not for the shadow within her.

You are greater for it. You are more with Us, not just any mortal. He is beneath you. You should let Us choose someone for you, someone better and deserving.

There was another shake of Emilia’s head after she finished hanging up the dress. <I am not of letting you choose of anyone. Inspite of Your of efforts, I have not had so much of wine to agree to such of a thing. And I know You were of trying. Be-of-sides, we both of know that anyone You would of pick would just be of someone you’ll wish to have a taste of in the end.> That was always Their goal in this..to gain control, any control. And to sate Their hunger.

We would have fun. You would have fun. If you would just…

<No more.> Her eyes drifted over the dress one last time before she slipped into the bed. Repeating with a bit more determination <No more> as They tried to start up with a different angle. Sighing as her head hit the pillow, <No more>. Turning her thoughts to ignoring Them for the moments before she faded off to sleep.

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