1867-03-15: Comparing Notes
Comparing Notes
Summary: With Nia arriving in Sunsreach with Adrienne, an opportunity arises to get some details about the recent Venderos Tourney, and Emilia.
Date: 1867-03-15
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Fingers snatch up some of the dried fruit just before Nia flops into a chair,”So what was it like? “ Aiming the question at the pair of Huntresses across the way who had come to Sunsreach via Venderos.

“Different that is for sure. Been to a number of them other tournaments, ain’t ever ran across more tight lipped people than them folk.” The muddy blond shaking her head,”Never mind being kept ta only certain bits oh their fine city. Like they were worried we’d muss it up or something.”

“You know that ain’t true, Mattie. Them of Venderos have always been know ta be a showy and secretive lot. Weren’t surprised with all that added security given all what happened the last time they…”

Nia interrupts with a wave of her hand,”Ya know I don’t care so much about that side of it.” Leaning forward in her chair as her eyes dart between the two,”How was /she/? Obviously didn’t misstep enough for that hired thug ta deal with her.” The young Huntress appearing mildly disappointed about that. “Heard she came in dead last in the archery this time.” A certain level of smugness to her words.

Fiona shots a look at Nia when she gets interrupted, though taking the moment to help herself to some of the food on the near tray. “She didn’t come in last. Ended up losing to that one Wraith by a point.” Smirking at Nia,”And least all her arrows /did/ hit the target.”

“That Master Fremont,” chimes in Mattie. “Her shots were fine. “ Shrugging a little,”Can’t say I seen anything coming close to a misstep. Actually seemed ta get out and about a bit more. Even took time to go shopping with Princess Clara and Lady Tiadora.” Grabbing up a tart,”Can’t say I much saw her with Master Lonar, don’t really think he’s been hired to keep after her like you’re thinking. Or that she is as bad as ya tend to make her out ta be.”

“Just a matter of time before one of ‘em ain’t hitting a target. I tell ya, it’s a miracle that it ain’t happened yet.” Nia shakes her head. “Why else would they bring him around? The timing of it…and…” she leans forward after giving a glance towards the door,”I know Adrienne believes it as well. Seen it in her eyes….She was saying the words she had to say in front of Pella and Hannah, all about giving her a chance…But…” her eyes moving between the two as she pauses before going on,”…saw in her her eyes that she saw and believed as I was saying. Adrienne agrees with me.” Popping a raisin into her mouth as she settled back into the chair, looking rather smugly at the other two.

That has Mattie blinking and sitting back,”Really? She does?” The muddy blonde giving a shrug after a few moments,”Though I don’t see anything wrong with giving her a chance. Ain’t like…”

“What? You wanna be the one ending up with an arrow in ya when she snaps?” Fiona’s words cutting Mattie off, a disapproving look given. “When did you become all mind addled yourself?”

A look of disbelief came at first before Nia glared at Mattie,”Ain’t nothing wrong?!?!?! She ought ta be sent off ta one of them Abbies ta be looked after before she…”

Mattie shakes her head as she stands, interrupting Nia’s rant before it hit full steam,”I think we ought to be giving her a chance, especially if Adrienne said ta do so. And I certainly don’t need to listen to your endless ranting against her, don’t change what is none.” Looking to both Nia and Fiona before shaking her head and walking out.

Nia blinked and looked over to Fiona,”What’s gotten into her? When did she go all soft and blind? “ Sending a look of disbelief after the departed Mattie.

“Ain’t sure, but she did end up going out a few times on detail with her. Didn’t hear that anything particularly noteworthy happened any of the times though. “ Fiona’s brow scrunching in thought as she tried to think of anything she might have missed before shaking her head. “But if Adrienne is supporting this all and ain’t doing anything ta change things, even if she believes otherwise like ya say, what is there ta be done?”

“That is it, something does need ta be done.” Nia settles back into the chair,”She does believe, saw it. But her hands are tied on the matter…” A smile slowly creeps onto her face,”I might have an idea…..need to give it some more thought. “ Grinning to Fiona,”But we just might be able to fix this problem for good.”

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