1867-03-16: Presents and Prayers
Presents and Prayers
Summary: Since she can't offer her wedding gift to Tristan and Elaida, Tiadora holds vigil in the Cathedral.
Date: 1867-03-16
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The news was broken to her as soon as it leaked out of the palace and into the streets. Elaida Toulan, soon to be the bride of Prince Tristan Tracano, had been poisoned. Tiadora, who considered herself a friend to the foreign maid, was devastated. Even more so when she was turned away at the Palace - not due to her traitor of a mother but simply for security reasons. She would not cry. Where there was faith, there was hope.

"Give these to His Highness and Lady Elaida- if that's possible. Test them, do whatever you must but please— it may help?" She held out a handkerchief with two lockets - platinum worked with the golden sunburst of the One Faith inlaid. Each held a hand-done miniature of the couple with the engraved inscription 'Together We Are Strong'. "It's for their wedding…" The girl's face fell as if doubting the wedding would take place as planned now. "But I think it may give them each something to hold on to."

Likely the gift would be squirreled away and forgotten - or poked prodded and tested until it melted away. But she had to try. With her gift left at the palace, Tiadora went to do the only other thing she was any good at. Prayer.

She moved through the streets, clad in her most humble gown of dark blue. Her veil was drawn over her face and hair as she was unworthy of displaying her face to the One above. Her lips moved endlessly in silent prayer as her fingers ran through the beads of the prayer chain at her waist. Tristan was known for his pride for perhaps it was humility which could save his future bride. His prayers would likely not be as easily heard by the Divine Father Above due to the sins which hung over him. Light ones, as Tia once put it, but a cloud of them which surrounded him constantly.

Tiadora entered the Cathedral and spoke briefly to the priests gathered. The Gerrell maiden was escorted to one of the private chapels where she and her men would not interfere the ongoing services nor would they be interfered with by the prayers of the common faithful. First, she knelt before an attending bishop and gave her confessions; there was not much to confess as she had already done so several days before. Fear. Envy. Gluttony. Transgressions of Willfulness and Lying. None of these were new to the bishop, nor did he think that her misdeeds were as severe as she thought them to be. She was a good girl but the Duchess had always told her otherwise. Her penance was set for a day of fasting and to offer prayers for the Lady Elaida; deeds she was going to do anyway.

Thus shrived and her soul clean, Tiadora rose from her place before the Bishop and moved before the shrine in the private chapel. Candles were lit. Incense was burned. Tiadora even sung a hymn - her voice soft yet sweet and entirely full of sincerity.

Eventually she knelt before the stained glass window of the One in his glory and prayed.

"Divine Father, You who guided Mankind out of Darkness and into your Divine Light. You who granted courage and strength and wisdom. You who have drawn us into community and togetherness. You who have the blessed power of healing as yours to give. Hear my humble prayer of your faithful servant Tiadora.

It is not for myself that I pray, but for Elaida. She is pure of heart, strong of spirit, and noble of purpose. She brings light into the lives of all she touches. She has been blessed with a gentle soul and heals those she encounters - both their bodies and souls.

It is for her I pray, for she is in need of your healing touch. Those who seek to harm her beloved Tristan strike at her. Cowardly. Wickedly. Without honor or virtue. Grant her your divine gift, Oh Divine Father. Look down upon your daughter Elaida and bathe her in white light. Let her body and soul purge this uncleanliness from her so she may continue to work in Your holy Name and spread Your divine love."

"For together, we are strong. I stand with my sister Elaida and offer her my strength and love where her body may fail. I stand with my brother Tristan and offer him my strength and love where his faith may fail. Together, our faith and our will cannot be broken."

And so it went. The light behind the window faded and candles illuminated the room. Her prayers continued.

The sun rose and the Cathedral was filled with the Matins prayers and hymns. Her prayers continued.

And though her penance was but a day of fasting and prayerful offerings, her prayers continued…

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