1867-04-14: A Plan Forms
A Plan Forms
Summary: More words come to be shared amongst the Huntresses about Emilia being Mistress of the Hunt and the lastest type of training being planned for them. A plan comes together.
Date: 1867-04-14
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The smell of leather and oil filled the tackroom as the handful or two of gathered Huntresses worked on harness, saddled and in a few cases, their own leathers.

“That election went right quick,” commented Maria. “Figured we’d be stuck here for another week or two. With luck, this means we’ll be heading back to Ironhold sooner.”

“So we can get on with playing them stupid games,” snorted Nia, only half under her breath, barely looking up from the saddle she was working on.

“I don’t know, I thought it could be kind of interesting to actually test against each other. I have always kind of wondered how I fared compared to others,” notes Mattie as she works oil over the current piece of harness that has her focus and attention.

“We do that plenty in the practice yard,” was the snappy retort from Nia. A comment that had Fiona and Joy nodding in agreement from where they sat near the ‘ringleader’ of their little group.

Maria’s brows raised,”Ain’t quite the same. It is needed practice, but putting that ta use and tested proper like in the forest. Is a different matter. Ain’t nothing stupid about the idea of testing our skills outside of the practice ring.”

“Ain’t that why we do patrols? And the hunts too.” Fiona adding in her voice to the matter now. “Test our skills plenty enough. Especially when it’s them boars we are having to face.”

Nia sends a glare Mattie’s way, even if the other misses it with her eyes on the piece of leather she was working over. Nia wasn’t sure what had happened to her, she’d not been ‘right’ since coming back from Venderos. “Right, we get our practice through doing our /job/.” Tacking onto what Fiona had said. “Don’t need to play at it with stupid games born from a weak mind. Ain’t but a thing ta try and distract us from what really matters.” Giving another snort,”Like how unstable she is. Screams at night from bad dreams? And cause what…her brother paid visit?” Shaking her head in disgust.

While the two sitting closest to her yet nod in agreement with Nia, those words have the others pausing in their tasking and exchanging glances with each other and sending looks Nia’s way. But it is Hannah who ends up being the one who speaks,”You really ought ta be watching that mouth of yers, didn’t I tell ya that once already?” It weren’t her place to remind anyne that Emilia had just cause for poor dreams. The slightly older Huntress shakes her head as she looks over towards Maria,”What I think is that she’s scared ta find out just how she stacks up against her Sisters. Afraid of a bit of friendly competition.” Hannah winking at Maria as her words end.

Laughter comes from the group, save those three, Nia and the two with her. Which only sets Nia to glowering at the older Huntress and snapping,”I ain’t afraid!”

Hannah shrugs as she gets up,” Seems to me that ya are. Why else would ya be putting up such a fuss about a bit of training that has chance to truly test us? Don’t recall ya putting up such a fuss when Raelyn had us doing extra.” She pauses a moment,”Oh right, those were in the practice yard. Maybe ya best be staying there and be sitting these out, if ya ain’t up ta the challenge.”

“Might be the best place for ya, if not back ta your craddle with these fits of yours,” tacked on Maria. Looking to the others as she smoothly continues on,”Come on, I head the chef had a batch of tarts in the oven. Be good to grab one before heading towards the market.” Already rising and seeing to putting her things in order, as the others soon followed suit before they filled on out of the room.

The remark had Nia sputtering as he face turned red. Glaring after those departing. The oiled rag was flung at the door moments later. But it was some time before she spoke again. She looked to the two who had remained with her,”I don’t care what they say. I ain’t scared. They ain’t nothing but children’s games born out of a mind of a child.” Her eyes flitting between the other two who had remained,” They even ensured Princess Clara was sent here to watch over her tonight, with Raelyn and Count Stephen having to be up at the palace.” Working to further bolster her case.

“Truth that maybe, but ain’t like there is a thing we can do about it. “ Fiona shrugged before taking back up the halter she had been working on. “Raelyn named her and that’s that.”

“She’ll have ta screw up something awful before Raelyn would even think to replace her.” Added Joy. “And we’ll be the ones to pay til then.” Ending her words with a sigh of resignation.

A sound of frustration came from Nia. Eventually getting up and stomping over to pick up that thrown rag. Pausing before she turned back, a wicked grin expanding on her face. “What if we don’t have to wait? What if there is an accident during this ‘training’?” Smirking as she looks between the other two,”And what if it is the Mistress herself who has it?”

Both the others sat up as Nia spoke. It was Joy who spoke first,”You aren’t suggesting we…”

“And what if I am?”

“Then Helen will want ta know as well,” spoke Fiona. “And the plan will have ta be solid. Can’t be anything that says it weren’t nothing but an accident.”

Joy slowly shook her head, a frown of thought occurring. “Remember them tracks we found a ways back..Could be she has a…”

A hand wave cuts Joy off. “Fiona’s right, let's go find Helen before ya get to much further on that. I think she’s seen one of the teaming schedules too.” Nia’s look becoming quite smug as they hurriedly put away their tack and supplies before heading out to seek out the other Huntress.


The young woman in the shadows frowned as her eyes followed the departing trio. She had thought her cousin was overly worried when she had tasked her to keep a watch on Nia. How wrong she had been. It had taken great resolve for her not to go throttle Nia herself. But that would not settle this, nor was it what she would tasked to do. She would need to speak to her cousin about this, and soon.

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