1867-05-22: A Lucky Opening
A Lucky Opening
Summary: After a turn of training, Helen brings Nia some good news.
Date: 1867-05-22
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Muddy footprints followed Nia to the chair before she flopped into it with something somewhere between groan and growl,”That wasn’t fair!”

Fiona’s hands came up to block the droplets of mud that came flying her way as Nia flopped into the chair,”What exactly wasn’t fair? “ The fellow Huntress casting a glance at the mud puddle that was forming at Nia’s feet. “And I ain’t cleaning that up.”

“It was all straight and fair,” answered Matti from the door. “She’s just sour that she lost is all.”

Nia shot a glare at Matti,”Weren’t. She tricked me.”

“No, she didn’t. She faced ya fair and square in that turn of training. Just because she is better than ya, ain’t nothing to get so sore about. Ain’t like you’re the best of us like ya’ve been strutting around of late,” Matti crossed her arms as she leaned against the door frame.

“Is someone going to actually tell me just what happened or not?” Fiona made a face at the growing puddle of mud around Nia’s chair. “And really, couldn’t ya have cleaned up first?”

That earned Fiona a glare from Nia,snapping out,”No, I couldn’t have. And that stupid Hannah pushed me into the mud.”

Matti shook her head,”She didn’t push you.” She shrugged at Nia glared at her, looking over towards Fiona,”Hannah feigned a move to the right, Nia committed fully. And Hannah easily side stepped her rush, which sent her face first into the mud. There was no cheating about it.” Stating that with a look back to Nia. Before she shifted back to Fiona again and added with another shrug,”But it was Hannah.”

Fiona ‘Ahhed’ when Matti mentioned Hannah. Nothing further needed to be explained. “Sure it was just luck. You’ll get her next time.”

Nia shook some mud off of one of her hands before looking over to Fiona,”Weren’t luck. She cheated. She’ll pay for it next time.”

Mattie pushed off the door frame and turned to leave with a roll of her eyes. And almost ran into Helen,”Watch out she’s as riled up as a badger.” Giving that warning before she continued to take her leave.

“Well I got something that just might cheer her up,” shot back Helen as she squeezed on past and into the room. Waving a bit of parchment at Nia. Though she stopped in her tracks to see the muddy state of the other.

Fiona shot Helena a look along with a subtle shake of her head warning her off saying anything about the present condition of Nia. “What is it you have there?”

“It is the latest team training schedule.” Helen gave a smile,”And I think it is the opening you have been looking for.” Taking further stock of the matter before handing the parchment towards Nia who snatched it right from her hand.

Nia poured over the writing on the parchment before looking back up to Helen,”Is this for real?”

“Quite real. Came out just this morning. “ Helen grinned. “Thought that might make your day.”

“What is it?” Finally braving the bit of a the mud to lean and look over at the parchment. Fiona blinked,”I don’t think you could have asked for a better opening.”

“I know, and there is time enough to make right use of it too.” Nia pointed a finger at the parchment,”And see, Cathrynn is on her team. That’ll work to our favor, I am sure of it. “

“Cathrynn? Do you really think she’d help us in this?” Both Helen and Fiona shooting Nia questioning looks, even if it was Helen who raised the question. “She is consorted to that cousin of hers.”

Nia waved a hand,”She’s got no love for her, and has always had the same feelings as we do about her. I’ll talk to her,” looking down,” but after a bath.” She gave the other two a smug grin,”It won’t be long now, and things will be made right.”

Looks were exchanged by Helen and Fiona, before Fiona looked down at the puddle and footprints that Nia left in her wake. “And who gets to clean that up?”

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