1867-06-15: Laying Out the Bait
Laying Out the Bait
Summary: Adrienne is eavesdropped while sharing some information with an older Huntress.
Date: Juin 15th, 1867
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The bait had been laid out. And it had been far easier than Adrienne Cassomir had assumed it to be: the exchange with Pella; and the place for it picked carefully to allow observation while keeping up the appearance not to expect such.

“Come along for a moment, there are some things I’d like to speak with you about,” Adrienne had intoned towards the older Huntress, casually, while the other Huntresses were busy with practicing their archery at the targets in the practice yard.

She had pretended not to notice Nia’s friend following after them, in unobtrusive distance. The direction of the gardens was taken, in a casual stroll, green eyes meeting the gaze of Pella with a slightly ominous look, as to signal the other not to react to the sneaking occurring behind them.

The gardens were just perfect, offering so many opportunities to hide and eavesdrop.

“I’ve decided to lead the third team. Emilia will be coordinating the teams from a central spot,” Adrienne had said to Pella, in a conversational tone.

“Oh?” Surprise had been evident on Pella’s face. “And I thought you’d wish to help Emilia with coordinating the teams…?”

“I believe she can handle it all fine by herself,” Adrienne said with a small quirk of a smile on her freckled features. “And truth be told, I’d rather not be left out of the fun…” Which was no lie, in fact, but perhaps in a different sense than their eavesdropper might assume.

“Where to send the messengers to report the progress of the teams…?”, Pella asked then, getting to the point without much further ado.

At which Adrienne drew forth a map from her tunic, folded neatly, which she laid open now before them both, placing it actually on the stone table which happened to be in this part of the gardens. “Emilia will be right here, Pella,” she said, indicating the spot on the map. “In that meadow near the falls…” A spot well-known to any Huntress, as it was one of the landmarks in the forest around Roseguard.

“Hmmm,” the older Huntress raised a brow. ”A good spot. At a central location but still far enough from the areas where we will send the teams. Poor Emilia. I’m sure she’d prefer to take part as well… to prove all those doubters that she can hold her own pretty well as a Huntress…”

Adrienne looked up, a pensive smile sneaking onto her freckled features. “Aye… There will be other chances for that. Maybe next time, she’ll let me coordinate the Hunt, and get her chance to shine.”

The distraction that followed, with a servant coming to summon Adrienne and Pella back to the archery butts - a cleverly arranged affair. The map left behind, with the marked spot, by pure coincidence!

Only to be retrieved later. Much later, after an appropriate amount of time left for the eavesdropper to take a thorough look at it.

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