1867-06-18: The Final Countdown
The Final Countdown
Summary: Nia and her fellow conspirators discuss their plans for the up coming hunt and confrontation.
Date: 1867-06-18
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The door was closed as the last of them entered the room. Nia gave a look around and took an accounting of the handful gathered before giving a nod. “Good, everyone's here. Let us begin.”

“Thanks to Joy,” Nia nods towards Joy before she to a place on the map,”we know that this will be the main meeting point, most of us will head there, as Piper,” a head nod to the other Huntress,”leads the others out to keep the other team busy and away.”

“That is fine and good, but how does that guarantee that she’ll be there? And that no one else will be around?”

Nia smirks,”Because Cathrynn will make sure she is there for us. And the others will be heading out…”

“Wait, Cathrynn actually agreed?” Fiona blinked in surprise. “She’s with us on this? I know she’s never been a fan, but she’s actually willing?”

“Not entirely,”Nia shook her head,”She thinks I’m just planning to have a word with her. I wasn’t going to risk her going to her consort. The One knows he’d out us in a second with how he fawns after his cousin. She agrees something needs ta be done, that is enough.”

There were a couples nods, and a slight frown or two amongst those gathered. It was a boon to have the Cassomir consort on their side.

“That ensures she’ll be there, but what about the others?” Helen raising the second point of the matter again.

“Pella and Adrienne will be leading the other teams, and they will be doing their best to make her look good. Least Pella,” Nia tossing a knowing smirk to the others. “As long as we get there quickly, there will be time before either group would seek to check in especially if Piper keeps them busy. But just in case, you and you,” pointing to two of the others,”will move out to here to keep watch and should she try to run, cut off her path.”

“How exactly do we manage that, you know we’re only set off with limited….”

Nia was already waving the question off,”We’ll stow our bows and a few other things ahead of time.” Her hand pointing to a couple places on the map,”Here and here.” She looks to the other,"But the kill shot is mine."

No one challenged that, but there were other questions that came up to work out some of the details. The matter being discussed as easily as if they were to hunt a boar.

Slow deep breaths. It was how she kept calm as she listened to them talk. She knew that it would do no good to act now. She had seen Emilia’s point and agreed to that. But it did little to lessen the urge. Yet she calmed herself and listened as they continued to talk and finalize their plan.

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