1867-06-22: Finding the Color
Finding the Color
Summary: A bit of painting time between Emilia and Aidric's daughter, Casella, and another small step is made within the bond that has started forming between the two.
Date: 1867-06-22
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The colors were coming together nicely, she decided as Emilia gave the piece a bit of further study. Duty was beginning to make it harder to slip away to find release and escape within her painting. There was time here and there, but not for the sessions she could once do. Those these times did make up for it in some way, special in their own way. Her lips curving just slightly as her eyes drifted from the piece she was working upon to the other that was in progress beside her. Risking an actual smile as Emilia took in not just the painting, but the focus and determination of the little artist, and that way Casella's little tongue poked out at the side of her mouth.

It had perhaps become a duty in it's own way, but only because Emilia had chosen for it to become one. Few would be able to fully understand her choice to spend time with her, and if half the Court didn't think she was 'touched', a number that may have been insulted that Emilia was teaching this child over their own. Such thoughts drifting about in her head as she watched Casella's movement of the paint, the efforts to get it to take the form she sought. Waiting to speak until the young girl sat back herself and seemed divided upon her next color choice,"You are having of trouble in finding the next of color the painting wishes for?" Emilia was certain some of the staff questioned their time together because of the infrequent bouts of talking some days. But the times of silence were just as important in their time together.

"I cannot find it. It is not here." The little girl looked up to Emilia,"Will there be more colors from the market soon?" Casella soon frowning at the many jars already out.

Emilia looked over the collection of jars, there were many colors and in most cases shades of the colors. Reds, blues, greens, yellows, and so many more. Yet, Emilia knew her own struggle in finding the right color. Black was always the one that remained elusive for her. She knew the funny looks she often got on that account. Even if some of the merchants were used to her requests now. "I will see what other of colors the market might hold tomorrow. But of perhaps til of then we might try to create of the color and shade you are looking for." Offering the mild nudge, it was an area they were still working on. "Is there something of close that we might work of with and coax to change for us?"

A pout has started to form at the news it might be another day. But Casella did start to look at the jars of paints again when Emilia redirected her attention to them. "Maybe." Eyes darted over the jars some more and back to her piece several times before there were several sounds of frustration. "No!"

"I am of seeing," came Emilia's soft words as she watched Casella and that growing frustration. "It is not of there because it is in of your mind yet nothing of matches, even words for it are of escaping, of aye?" Seeing something else in the frustration and struggle that was beyond finding the right shade of the right color.

That little brow furrowed as Casella stared at the jars, the little girl trying to will what she wanted into existed. It took several moments before Emilia's words seemed to make sense to her. But when they did, her eyes opened and she nodded energetically. "Yes! It is….it is…" The paint brush being warbled about as she tried to explain it, paint dripped hither and yon.

It did not take long for Emilia to lightly flutter her fingers in the air,"Do not of worry, I of understand, you are not of having to explain."

This caused Casella to blink and stare at Emilia. That paintbrush hanging in the air for several long moments, dripping paint, before it lowered. Some hint of uncertainty, disbelief in the young girl's eyes. Even if there had been something of a bond forming between the two during these painting sessions.

"There are of times when you cannot find of the words for what you of want, to describe of the colors sought, or of the feelings that are being felt. But they are there and of powerful, unable to be of ignored. And perhaps of worse, when you are finding of the right word, the right color to express of such, there are none you are feeling you can show or speak of to. It remains of bottled of within, yet trying to of escape, of aye?"

The little girl continued to simply look at Emilia, hesitation and uncertainty remaining predominate upon her features. Her eyes dropping to her hands and the paintbrush held. No answer seeming to be forthcoming.

"I have such of times too," notes Emilia softly, in sensing that lack of answer.

Surprise showed in Casella's expression as she looked back up. "You do?" The young girl searching Emilia's face and eyes as if trying to find some hint of lie.

A nod came,"I do. And do you know what I do in those of times?"

"What?" Casella leaning forward just a little.

"I try to find of the color within of the others. I try to find the colors of the feelings, or to make of a the image and shadow of words from my head appear upon of the canvas." Emilia leans in a little, as if sharing a great secret. It was a secret, the images that ended up upon her destroyed paintings. "But then I of see it of destroyed, so none of see what was within. But it is of set of free, no longer of bottled of up and causing of frustration. And with none of seeing, there are not of questions and of looks." Uncertain that Casella will truly understand, but it was a risk.

The little girl frowns at the answer. Understanding and in many ways, not quite. "But..I am not able to do that. Everyone always sees my colors."

"Would you of like to be able to do of such? For me to of arrange so that you may of have time to let such of out with none to of see?"

The offer is considered with such a seriousness that only a child could muster, before Casella gives a slow nod.

"Then I will of arrange of it. And of see that Johl will aid you to destroy them after swearing that he will not of peek, is this being of acceptable?" The offer extended by Emilia quite seriously, she knew how much the outlet had helped her and still did. Even if what she hid and dealt with was different that Casella, the similarities were there yet as well.

"You would do that? For me?"

"Of aye, for you, I would."

"It is…accep..acc…acc-epp-able."

It did take a little effort to not let the corners of her lips tug upwards as the larger words was struggled over. But Emilia managed and gave a nod,"Then I will of do of so after we are of done. But for of the moment, I of believe we were going to go of searching for of a color. Though of perhaps it is of hiding right in of front of you. Hmm?" Ever so casually taping her finger to the end of Casella's nose and leaving a dab of blue paint before doing similar to her own.

Eyes turned in trying to look at the end of her nose to feel the bit of wetness. Casella's eyes opened wide when the blue paint appeared on Emilia's nose, but a grin and little giggle soon escaped. "That is not the color!" Declaring it before her little fingers swiped into the green and came at Emilia's nose!

"It is of not?" Came the surprise remark from Emilia before gasping when those little paint laden fingers came her way. Making a mock attempt to try and block them, which only caused more giggling from Casella. It was not the first time one of their sessions would end this way. Nor the last. But another step had been made.

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