1867-07-09: Just A Misunderstanding
Just A Misunderstanding
Summary: A late night visit is paid to the cells of Roseguard
Date: 1867-07-09
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The dampness hung in the air. It always faded last from the cells, if it ever truly did. Shadows shifted and danced under light cast by the torches on the wall. So many whispers and murmurs. There was so many things they had to say, and no one else to hear them. But that was not why Emilia had come down here. Not tonight. She pushed the sounds to the back of her mind as she moved towards the cells. She gave a nod to the guard on duty, raising a hand to forestall him from announcing her to the prisoners. Giving little heed to the questioning look he gave her. In truth, she was not entirely certain why she had come.

It did not take long to pick out the forms in the cell. It took less time to place the voices to each form. In truth, Emilia knew where they were in the cell before she saw them. Their shadows had given them away. It was maybe fitting for the traitors to now be betrayed by their own shadows.

Emilia knew that they would not be aware she was here until…if…she wished. Their fate had been decided. It was not a fate Emilia wished for. None of this had been what she had wished for. But she had known there was no other path to go, not once they had committed so fully to action. And for those actions, there could be no other end. Leniency was not a luxury that could even be considered.

“They have just misunderstood…”

Emilia's attention turned from her thoughts as the voice broke into them. Nia.

“It was all just a misunderstanding. Why won’t they listen to me? It was only just to talk to her. Scare her into doing what was right for Ironhold. Why can’t anyone see that?”

“Just shut up, Nia.”

“The danger that exists,”Nia continued on as if she’d not even heard Fiona. “Her mind is weak, touched..she is a weak leader. We need better. Ironhold needs better. She’s killed us. The first to come. We just needed to….”

The words were cut off as Fiona’s hand connected with the side of Nia’s face. “I said shut up. You got us killed. Not her. You. You and your stupid plan. And I was stupid enough to listen to you.”

Emilia had seen the hit coming, but she knew Nia had been surprised by it. And that the impact would be in the same area that Emilia herself had hit earlier. The cry that sounded from Nia spoke to both of these, the added pain colored with surprise.

Nia’s pain stirred Them further. They wanted Their own chance to settle matters with Nia. Emilia did not doubt that Their desires had a hand in why she had come down here. She should be resting, but how could she sleep with how her shoulder throbbed?

Her eyes shifted to the corner of the cell to the curled form of Joy. Watching but a moment, the faint simpering sound telling Emilia all she needed to know on that score.

Nia glared at Fiona,”What the feck!” Her own hand rising to hit back. “She killed us just like I warned she would do. We Huntresses were gonna die cause of her weakness.”

“I didn’t kill you.” The words came slowly, each spoken with a certain hint of iron to them.

Fiona’s head snapped towards the cell door, her eyes wide. But it was Nia who jumped and spun around, the hand that had been in motion to strike Fiona falling. The action forgotten. “Emilia! You have to make them listen. Make them understand that it’s all just been a mistake. A misunderstanding. “

She shouldn’t have been surprised. Yet Emilia was. How many chances had she given? How many openings? To let them see her, to turn from this path? “You should of listen to Fiona.” Her normal cadence returning, but her tone remained cool and weighted. “She is of right, it is you who has killed of yourself and her.” Her eyes only briefly drifting to include Joy as well.

“But we don’t have to die…just make them understand and see that it was all a mistake. We weren’t going to hurt you. The arrow just slipped.” Nia moving to the door as she continue on, her hands wrapping around the bars. “You have to get them to listen.”

“It was of no mistake, I heard of clearly your words before you shot me. You wanted me of dead. You did not trust in of me, you did not trust in of Raelyn’s judgement. You thought you knew of better than your of Viscountess. The only of mistake was your of doing, your of blindness.” Emilia’s mien stoic even if slightly pale as she refuted Nia’s new ‘truth’. “The of consequences you of face are of your own of making.”

“No, you misheard me. I just wanted to talk.” Nia’s tone pitching upwards as she clung to the lie as if it were a lifeline that would save her. “You have to listen to…..” Her words cutting off to the sound of a *crack* and a subsequent cry as Fiona sucker punched Nia. The action sending Nia to the ground with a thud. The woman looking up dazed and confused.

Emilia followed that fall with her dark eyes, before drawing them back to Fiona. Her face remaining expressionless. Even if perhaps glad for the new silence, not that it brought any silence from Them. They demanded revenge, in Their way.

“I know it changes nothing, that nothing can now. But for what it's worth, I am sorry. For my blindness and stupidity, for getting caught up in her words and following her…for the injury we…I helped bring to you.” A hand raised up and rubbed at one of her eyes as Fiona took a breath. “I ain’t gonna ask for your forgiveness, I don’t deserve that none. But I wanted ya ta know I’m sorry, and am glad I got the chance ta tell ya so.” Fiona gave an absent kick at the still dazed Nia as she turned away and started to step further back into the shared cell.

Dark eyes studied Fiona as she spoke, as she moved back into the cell. The silence lingering on for some time, it possible to think nothing more to come from Emilia, or that she had perhaps even left. “You are of right, things cannot be of undone, of changed.” Her words causing Fiona to look back. “But you have of my forgiveness, Fiona. “ Emilia watched the blink and look of surprised that came to the other’s face. “May the One take of this into of consideration when He of weighs of the balance within of your soul.”

The surprise remained upon Fiona’s face as she listened to Emilia. Eventually bowing her head with as she choked out a “Thank you” heavy with emotion.

Emilia inclined her head just slightly in return before finally turning to depart. A slight wince coming as They gave protest, unsatisfied and still wanting to take action.

“What about me?!?!?!” came the warbled cry from Nia as she found her feet again.

Another wince coming as the whining plea followed her down the dank hall, the whisperings of the shadows growing within her ears.

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