1867-07-13: Moving Forward
Moving Forward
Summary: Emilia addresses the Huntresses concerning the recent treachery.
Date: 1867-07-13
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The huntresses were gathered within the meeting room. Days had passed since the trio of traitors had been hanged. It had been time enough for the remaining patrols to return, for them to have learned what had come to pass in the days prior. There were some dressed in their tunics, while others wore their leathers.

Emilia herself wore her basic tunic and leggings. Eyes turning to her as she stepped before the group, many an eye going to the arm that rested in the sling. A reminder of the turn recent events had taken.

She waited until everyone had quieted down before speaking. "These past of days have been hard upon us of all. The core of our Sisterhood has taken of a blow, leaving many of us shocked and of uncertain. Of having questions for of which there never truly be of answers. But we must not let this of weaken of us further, but look to grow stronger. To of strengthen our bonds and remember it is because of such bonds and purpose that we see Ironhold of safe."

A pause came as she took a breath, taking in the nods that some gave. The shifting of others. "I of know that there are those of you who yet have of concerns. And I do not of discount of them, I never of have. I do not of ask you to discard of your concerns, but to give of me the chance to address of them. Many of you do not of know me as you knew of my sister, and I of accept I have some of fault in of this. I have kept to the shadows and of the fringes, not of allowing but of a few to see and of know me." Emilia noted the looks that were exchanged when she spoke, the faint murmur as words were shared here and there.

"But I am no longer of amongst the shadows. I will continue to ensure I am of available so you might speak of with me of concerns, or of ideas that are of had. I cannot of address of a concern if it is unvoiced. I cannot of promise that every of idea may be of carried of forward, but I can of promise I will of listen." Emilia pauses as her dark eyes sweep over the group. "I ask you to do of the same, to of listen, not to just of me, but to your fellow of Sisters. To hear of their concerns, their of ideas. To give them of a chance. To learn more of each other, not just as of Huntresses but as true Sisters."

"We must learn to work with of each other, to learn of each of others of weaknesses and strengthen of them, and to of build of our strengths. There will always be of those that we find of ourselves closer to amongst us, for I know we are often closer to those who trained together to earn of the honor to be of a Huntress. Bonds are formed in such of times. But I know we will not always of like one of another, for we are of sisters and even amongst of sisters there are times of disagreement. But sisters also of know how to of talk and work past of such, to grow of stronger for of it. They of trust and respect of each other."

"To that of end, the of expanded training events will be of continued, for while they have been of a chance for many to see mine-skills, they do serve a purpose beyond of this. As of Ironhold has of grow, so must of our Sisterhood grow. All of us have of proven of ourselves, to earn of the right to be called of a Huntress. But we must continue to test of ourselves, to of sharpen of our skills, and who of better than to test of us but each of other?" A comment that brings nods from most amongst the group. A few more words being shared here and there. "I will also be of listening to what ideas come for other of training as well as for potential trainees. But do not of think it will not be all of training to further forge our bonds, we will have of fun together as well."

"We will of heal and move of on from this, we will of learn and grow from what has happened not just in of these past of days, but the past of years. Together We Are of Strong." The final words, that common refrain, having many of the others join her in saying them. Before the room grew noisy with name voices speaking at once. Questions being sent towards Emilia as others talked amongst themselves.

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