1867-08-05: Of Stubborn
Of Stubborn
Summary: A summer storm rages in Ironhold one night, Syrn seeks to help Emilia deal with it and her current bought of stubbornness.
Date: 1867-08-05
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The stars slowly vanished behind the clouds that moved upon the winds of the storms. The winds whistled through the trees and past the windows.

The leaves danced and rustled as the wind whipped through them. The shadows cast further across the path as darkness began to lay claim. Twigs and branches broke in the distance.

The windows rattled as the winds continued to grow in strength. Emilia shifted restlessly within the nest of blankets where she slept. A small sound of unease made, lost to the noise of the growing storm beyond her windows.

The shadows whispered and dances about her. Calling to her, seeking to guide her, to distract her. The last vestiges of light vanishing as darkness took hold. The shadows grew louder, drowning out all else.

Emilia arched and turned within the blankets, causing them to twist about her. The rain dashed against the window as the wind continued to howl as the storm raged, the wails of the Widow caught up upon the wind.

A loud crash sounded upon the path behind her, breaking through the whispers of the shadows. She whirled around, ducking as she saw the bolts. Not fast enough as one slammed into her shoulder, another into her thigh. And then the claws tore through the darkness and into her throat.

Hands scrambled at the edge of the bed and against the wall as Emilia jolted into the waking world again, her mind still caught up in the shadows of the dream. The wailing of the Widow clear to her ears, calling to her, as the storm continued to rage. A wailing scream of her own caught within her throat. Barely choking it back as she fought against one of the blankets within her little nest. Eventually freeing herself of it and collapsing against the wall as she drew several long and slow breathes.

It took awhile for her to find some hold on reality, to stabilize after the dream. It was as much as she could hope for with the storm yet raging outside the window. Her eyes shifted up and centered in upon the shadow that rested near the door,”You should not be of here.”

“Nor should you,” the shadow countered easily enough.

“It is being of mine-room.”

The shadow let a sigh slip before finally moving and making way to the bed. A flash of lightning illuminating Syrn briefly as she settled upon the bed and looked to Emilia,”You are being stubborn and you know it.”

A hand briefly pressed on her shoulder trying to work out the dull ache. It had healed, yet it seemed newer in these moments after the dream. “That does not of change that you should not be of here. You had of plans with Bern tonight.”

“I did, and he understands. I knew where I was needed tonight when the storm rolled in, especially with how you have been lately.” A hand reached and brushed back Emilia’s hair from her face. “Even if I do not fully understand why, I know they impact you. And that you are not seeking the comfort I know you have found. So I am here, because you need me to be. “ Asking more softly,”Has something happened between you two? I have seen how you look in the direction of his room at times, and yet you do not go.”

Emilia gave a slight shake of her head,”No, nothing has been of happening. There just has been so of much requiring of attention. Everything of happening, then of guests. I have of been seeing to…”

“..your duty,” finished Syrn. “And being a stubborn and silly girl. “ Shaking her head. “But we will fix this. Tomorrow, you are spending the night with your lover, even if I have to deliver you to him myself.”


Syrn smiled in seeing Emilia’s eyes going wide and that color coming to her cheeks. It was not often that a tease could actually get a show of emotion from her, let alone a blush. The smile was short lived as a surge of wind howled past the windows causing them to rattle and Emilia’s eyes instantly trained on them. A darkness coming with a whole different look that took over.

In a thrice, Syrn was down off the bed and into the blankie nest to pull Emilia into her. A hand soon smoothing over her hair in feeling how Emilia was trembling. “But that will be tomorrow, for now I am here and we will get through tonight together.” Not for the first time.

Emilia’s eyes stayed trained upon the window, even as she murmured,”Not being of stubborn.” Easing slightly into the other woman, though never quite relaxing. To relax gave chance to giving into the call, to giving Them chance to have a greater hold in the moment.

“Just doing your duty, I know.” It was a topic to pick up later. For now, Syrn took a new direction as she continued the light strokes along Emilia’s hair and back,”Come, little one, tell me about the new painting that you are working on. I know you’ve not had much time for it, but I saw the new canvas.” She knew she could never quite have the impact Jaren had seemed to have during these storms, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t try.

The next night…

Emilia gave Syrn a sideways looks as they moved through the hallway. “You of know you don’t have to be doing of this.”

“Oh, but it seems I do,”said Syrn as she sent Emilia a stern look, even if there was amusement in her eyes while she escorted the younger Cassomir along.

“No. Of really you….”

“I told you, I am seeing you to his room. And that is that. “ Syrn gave Emilia a smug smirk,”Besides, once you are safely taken care of, I get to see Bern.”

Another look was given to Syrn when Emilia got cut off. “Of fine.” Some sort of resignation that this was not a 'battle’ she was going to win. And she had cost Syrn her night off…indirectly.

As they neared the room, Syrn slowed and gave a gentle push to Emilia’s back,”Now off you go.” Before the Huntress leaned against the wall and crossed her arms.

Emilia shot Syrn a look as she continued down the hall and stopping in front of the door. Sending another look back down the hall as if checking to see if she was still watched.

Syrn’s top arm shifted enough for her hand to wave Emilia 'to get on with it'. Watching with a turn of amusement as Emilia absently straightened her tunic.

Emilia sighed before raising her own hand to knock on the door to Lonar’s room. There was no way out of this one.

Syrn shook her head after she watched Emilia enter the room. Lingering in the hallway for several minutes, ensuring there was not going to be a quick reappearance. Eventually pushing off from the wall. The task seen too, she was off to her own evening. Stubborn Cassomir.

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