1867-08-31: A Strongly Worded Letter Home
A Strongly Worded Letter Home
Summary: Tia writes a letter to Symon and shows some backbone and a practical marriage recommendation as well.
Date: 8-31-1867
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Tiadora  Symon  

Dearest brother,

I pray the One smiles on you and your lovely princess, blessing your union with strength, happiness, and stability. Dora was very kind to me during my time at home and it’s nice to have a sister who tries to make me smile. Tell her I send my love.

The tourney goes as always; I seem to be a blight on anyone I am favoring and cheering for. I fear that if I actually –gave- a favor to any man he’d end up dead on the ground before the match ended. So you need not fear your little sister giving her heart and her hope to anyone at all.

That’s why I wanted to write to you; I’ve been researching on why I seem to be such poor luck for people I care for and I think I know why. Mother’s haunting me. I know, you’re staring at this letter and muttering something about backwards superstition and hoping I’d be beyond such backwater logics by now but it’s true. Something is attached to me and hurting my friends or those I cheer for and have hope and faith in.

I pray and fast and repent and do penance but none of it seems to help. Such bad luck can usually be broken with charms or prayer to lift the cloud of sin hanging over a person but nothing has done it. And my sins are light ones, nothing that would drag me and those around me down. So there can only be one decision. I am haunted and Mother is angry at my betrayal of her trust.

I asked you to talk to the Archbishop about lifting the excommunication. I know Rhea is pushing actively to get it lifted and if you don’t do something soon, I may too. I don’t want to go around you to try to get it changed but I can’t stand watching everyone I care for be pummeled in fake battles. And when I went hunting for real my friends were hurt. If I don’t do something soon there may be more than bruised egos and blunt training sword bruises.

Get it lifted, please. Let the One sort out what happens to them. They were victims of a malignant power and the more we remember that the better it will be for our people. You want too much to change too quickly. They need stability, they need some kind of tradition. Get the ban lifted, let people pray for their salvation or damnation as they wish but the Church needs to let that happen. I need you to make it happen.

On the note of tradition; marrying a foreign princess and sending Rhea to a foreign land is well and good for international relations, but I suggest you start talking to old Baron Haldis about marrying one of his surplus grandsons into our family to me. He doesn’t like you much with all the changes and marrying one of them in to the house may help appease him and solidify alliances when he does pass. It’d be a traditional Normont wedding at the cathedral and all the trappings. Horse races, wrestling, all that nonsense. Most girls dream of a handsome knight and I’m –sure- someone has told you about my crush on for Devlin Cassomir, but I’m a realist first and foremost. It would show Hewlitt you value him as a vassal and settle the matter of a Gerrell not in a foreign marriage.

I know this letter is strong by anyone’s standards but I love you and our family and want to be sure our people can move forward into this new era with your guidance and leadership but not balk under the swiftness in which you want it to happen. Lurch this wagon forward out of the mud but don’t make the horses break into a run just yet. They need to work up to that.

Your loving and ever caring sister,

Post-Script – Don’t forget to go to church every now and then. I know you hate it but try to at least put on a good show for the people. They don’t want your soul condemned to darkness any more than I do.

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