1867-09-04: A Message Home
A Message Home
Summary: After seeing the full damage and tragedy in daylight, and lending a hand to the rescue efforts, Elrick decided that more needs to be done.
Date: 1867-09-04
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After working hard for most of the day at the decimated t'Cordova manse, the Heir to House t'Tremaine gets cleaned up in his inn before he begins writing a message.


I am not sure if news have reached you as of yet, due to faegate access being temporarily prohibited, but during the awards ceremony and dinner of the Tourney, disaster struck. A horrific weather occurrence, tornado, took a path through Ostvor, actually cutting by the keep. Fortunately, I was with Amara at the time and we were able to find safety and shelter in the servants quarters with a number of other noble guests so you do not need to worry about us. Antonia was not with us directly but she was also able to find safe shelter as well. Our liege lord, Duke Cesare suffered a head wound and at this time, I am not sure what his status is. If anything changes for the worse, I will send word at once.

This letter is not just to update you, father, but also to a request to send a contingent of our armsmen as well as some able bodied workers that are not occupied with important tasks at home. The armsmen I feel may be useful, one to escort the workers here to Ostvor with the possible increase of bandits on the roads that I had sent word earlier of, as well as potentially assisting the l'Faust during this tragedy. I have no doubt that if there are bandits, then they may take this unfortunate opportunity, and if given permission, I would have our men assist in patrols as well as responding to any of these skirmishes.

Unfortunately, I was not the victor of the Ostvor Tourney, once again the former champion, Gabriel, claimed the prize. Perhaps Pacitta will have a different outcome. I plan on staying in Ostvor for a while longer, especially if you approve of my request, to assist with the aftermath of this incident. It should help strengthen our House's relationship with others, seeing the t'Tremaines being more than willing to help their friends.

Your Loving Son,

Folding the message up, Elrick applies melted red wax and then presses his personal seal onto the wax. Handing it off to one of his armsmen, he orders the man to take two horses and head home in haste.

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