1867-09-04: To Soothe Thine Ills
To Soothe Thine Ills
Summary: Helping the injured in the aftermath of the Ostvor quake, Dawn Bazan finds some inner peace for herself.
Date: Sept 04 1867
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It was evening. In the thick lined walls of Ostvor Castle, those which had not fallen, she worked. It reminded her so much of a battlefield. In another lifetime. In another lifetime, it would have been on one. Her younger remembered many such lifetimes, many such experiences. Many such ordeals. Many such crisises.

This? This might be a crisis. There were many injured. Nobles. Commoners. Those who came for the tournament. Those who lived in the city. Many were injured, hurt. Many were mourning.

For Dawn Bazan, her hands were steady. Hours spent applying splints, tending to wounds, helping prepare those who needed it for surgery, working under the directives of the l'Faust healers, there was a sense of tranquility. Of duty. For once, her hands were working on those who were not touched by war.

For Dawn Bazan, whom had seen war too much - both general and civil, there was peace. Her last trips to Couviere had given her a sense of peace and finality to her old penances and hate. In helping others, as she worked through the night and the day, she helped herself. And the old woman found it within herself to smile, just a little bit, even as she went through the long since familiarized works of tending to those who were hurt.

And she gave back to those whom had welcomed her to the realm; a former adversary of a sorts then. A former Rivanan invader whom the Couvieri had helped find peace. Now she repaid them for thier kindness by helping to save as many of possible.

And in giving back, Lady Dawn found a sense of tranquility for her own soul even as she worked to tend as many as possible.

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