1867-09-05: Trials to Overcome
Trials to Overcome
Summary: A letter and package is delivered to a certain Couvieri lady from somewhat mysterious origins.
Date: 9/5/1867
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Leander  Amara  

A letter and a package is sent to Lady Amara t’Tremaine a couple of days after the great tornado. The courier is rather insistent that it be delivered straight to Amara…and the slight jangling of coin in his pockets would indicate he was well compensated for the personal service.

The package itself is nondescript from outward appearances. The letter is sealed in wax, but without any visible markings.

When opened, the letter is written in a script that may be familiar to Amara…and read as follows:

My dear Lady t’Tremaine,

I regret that I could not offer my well-wishes and proper goodbyes in person. With the storm and the carnage left in its wake, there was simply no time to pursue proper protocols, so I do sincerely hope that you would forgive me. I and my travel companion have enjoyed your company immensely and had hoped that we might be able to renew our acquaintance after the ball, but it would seem that the Fates have a sense of humor. To have you so close, and yet leagues from my side. They must seek to vex me, placing trials before my path in an attempt to prove my worth.

Yet, when one door closes, another opens. As we were preparing for our departure to lands beyond, my companion and I overheard rumour that there is to be a masquerade in the duchy of Lonnaire, celebrating the Twin Moons. From what little we were able to determine, it will be a night of song and frivolity…and a night of freedom that can only be obtained from the anonymity wearing a mask can afford. I would be very much honored if you would grant me the singular pleasure of meeting me in Lonnaire, during the masquerade ball. It is my hope that somehow, if the Fates will it, that we shall recognize one another, despite however we choose to appear to the world that night. That perhaps then we may continue to indulge in the pleasure of each other’s company, without threat of reprisal or other trials, at least for one night.

In parting, please accept the gift I have included with this letter. Let it serve as inspiration that there are those in this existence that will face any trial, meet any challenge, all for the sake of affection. I fully intent on confronting whatever obstacles lie in store. My only prayer is that, after overcoming the roadblocks placed before me, that I find myself before you once more.

Until our paths cross again,


Upon opening, the package will reveal what appears to be a book, wrapped in a rather familiar-looking scarf…the scarf favor Amara had given to a certain knight. Within the scarf is a finely crafted leather bound book. Further examination will reveal the tome to be an illustrated copy of ‘The Trials of Lyonal and Sinesse.’ An exquisite gift, to be sure.

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