1867-09-08: Gatesickness
Summary: Alina suffers through another round of gatesickness.
Date: 1867-09-08
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Alina  Gabriel  

Alina l'Saigner lays across her bed, the curtains drawn so that none of the light from the room can get in. Stretched across her hip is Wraith, being as long as he possibly can, and across her ankles is Rogue. The two catlords are both purring quietly as Alina suffers.

The faegate trip between Ostvor and Lonnaire is actually one of the least terrible of the hops that can be made. It's only been a few hours since the party has come through and Gabriel and Corvin, at least, are up and moving about normally as if nothing were wrong. Sure, everyone else had suffered from some mild nausea and a slight headache on the return trip, but not like Alina.

Light felt like daggers stabbing her through the eyeballs. Sound felt like she was being crushed. Her stomach roiled like a small ship in a fierce ocean storm.

Though Gabriel had gotten up after a short time to tend to things around the castle (and likely see the children), Alina remained in her bed, whimpering at noises as quiet as shutting doors and burying her face underneath pillows in the curtained bed. Gabriel had made sure all the lamps were out in their bedroom and drawn the curtains over the windows mostly shut. After a few of these trips with his wife he had learned not to bother her much for a couple of days after they travelled.

In between pulses of throbs, Alina wondered exactly why faegate travel affected her so. It was worse after the Great Raid and the injury she had taken to her head, she had decided, because the long thin scar often (but not always) burned like fire when she was recovering from gatesickness. And sometimes, since then, she had gatesickness without passing through a gate.

That frustrated her greatly.

The door to the bedroom of the suite she shared with Gabriel opens quietly, and shuts as is someone is trying to be as silent as possible. It could be an assassin, of course, sneaking into her rooms… but the catlords barely stir and Alina's head hurts enough that she'd almost welcome a blade through her throat. Almost. Her hand weakly slides up against the headboard and grips one of the two lightsilver stilletos she has there…

"Alina?" Gabriel's voice is low and quiet as he slips open the bed curtains just a bit. "The boys are all napping, so I came to look in on you."

Alina's hand releases the dagger and her body relaxes somewhat. But she doesn't move to roll over and look at him. Her head hurts too much. "Mm."

There's a small thump followed by a second one as Gabriel kicks off his boots, letting them drop to the floor by the bed. A few moments later, the catlords shift and flatten their ears at being disturbed as Gabriel slides into the bed beside Alina, sliding his arms around her and drawing her to him.

"There," he murmurs into her hair. "Any better?"

Alina manages a small smile, snuggling against her husband. The two catlords shift their positions to snuggle up against Alina. Gabriel snorts, though there's amusement in it. "Damn cats," he mutters.

"Leave them alone," Alina mumbles back.

"Yeah, yeah," Gabriel chuckles. "Go to sleep, Alina."

Alina mutters something under her breath, but soon enough is breathing steadily as she sleeps off the rest of her gatesickness.

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