1867-09-10: A Gift Given
A Gift Given
Summary: Upon returning home, Lady Emilia Cassomir sends a small gift to Duke Manfred l’Faust
Date: 1867-09-10
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Emilia  Manfred  

Some time after the Cassomirs leave Ostvor through the faegate, a package with accompanying letter is delivered to Duke Manfred l’Faust.

Within the package are no less than five paintings, each bearing the artist’s mark of EC —- Emilia Cassomir. The pieces are all of fair size and the quality is equal to the pieces she has entered into the tournament contests.

The letter reads :

Duke Manfred l’Faust,

I have been unable to get from my mind all that was lost and taken in but a few moments as the One reminded us of how quickly life may change. I fear, like many, I know well that it takes time to rebuild what has been lost and there is more yet that can never again be replaced. As such, I wished to help give some color to the walls that were made bare in those moments, to what new walls will be built in the days ahead. I hope the pieces I have sent to accompany with this letter will be of aid to that end, and that they will help to raise spirits in the days to come.

May the One watch over you,
Lady Emilia Cassomir

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