1867-09-10: Veiled Decisions
Veiled Decisions
Summary: Emilia takes a few moment to think over the decision before her, seeking some quiet at the ruins. Someone else has a few things to add.
Date: 1867-09-10
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It had taken longer for the muffled silence to come. They had been worked up since she had spoken with Sirrah. Being away for so long combined with not having come to visit before she departed, and that storm in Ostvor had not helped matters any either. But it was the ritual, the choice before her that had Them stirred up, offering Their unrelenting opinion. Not that it had surprised her any, of course They had an opinion. It would impact her and Them both. The turn of silence was welcome, but it did not change that she still needed to make a decision.

It had helped to talk to Clara, but it had not gotten her any closer to an answer. And Emilia had not told her everything. That Sirrah worried Emilia’s resolve, her strength would fade away. And then, she, Emilia, would become a threat to her family, to Rivana…the Edge. The ritual was to put an end to that threat. If not the ritual, Emilia knew Sirrah would find some other path to that end. And the Queen…how much did she know? How much had Jaren told her? Emilia did not know, but it was obvious the Queen knew plenty enough to have ordered the death of ElK'a'athren. And wouldn't she ever do the same if she learned the full truth about Emilia? That Emilia had nearly attacked Jaren, unleashed Them upon him. And the depth of Sirrah’s own worries? It was only a matter of time. Wasn’t it?

She sighed as she looked up, to the circle and ElK'a'athren. “Will any of this bring us any peace? Can we even have peace? I would hope that when they find the path, that death might bring you peace. " A slight pause before she adds,"I cannot stop them from that path.” Her head canting faintly as the wailing answer came, watching the banshee shift within her prison as those black-on-black eyes kept focus upon Emilia. “Or will you yet live on with me? “ So many questions, so few answers. Who could possibly have answers to what would happen? The Last spoke of the paths ever changing, He had even shown them that.

Her gaze drifted back to the ground, so many questions and unknowns and so many ways everything could end up turning out. Raelyn had always said it would be her decision, Sirrah said she would not be forced to it….Clara had said to do what she wanted. And she did not want to do it. She did not want to discover what would happen, if it would work or not. She did not want to endure the pain that would come. She did not….

Her thoughts were interrupted by another turn of wailing. Emilia’s dark eyes coming up to meet the Widow’s gaze. It becoming clear in those moments, before she simply answered,”I know.” Moving to her feet and moving towards the circle of iron. Her hand came up to dance at the unseen barrier, before her fingers pressed through and gently touched to those that were upon the other side. Murmuring again softly,"I know."

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