1867-09-11: As If It Never Was
As If It Never Was
Summary: With everything that has been weighing upon her and with a storm upon the horizon, Emilia has a bit of an episode…while Pella and Syrn watch on a bit helplessly.
Date: 1867-09-11
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Pella’s eyebrows rose in surprise and dismay at the sight which greeted her in Emilia's room.

Things were haphazardly scattered about, the young woman herself was scrubbing fiercely at the paint upon the back wall, much of it already scrubbed away. The fire in the hearth burned in colorful flames, the unmistakable smell of burning paint and canvas hung in the room.

She eased over to where Syrn stood, a questioning look that asked more than the actual question that came. “ I saw the smoke, how many this time?”

Worry colored Syrn’s own expression as she watched the focused and almost frantic energy with which Emilia worked to removed the painting. “All of them… I think.” She’d not been into the adjoining sleeping chamber to know for sure.

“All of them? You don’t mean….” Pella’s words trailed off as she realized what else had changed in the room. All the paintings were gone, not just the usual pile reserved for that fate. But all of them, even those that had hung on the walls. “Has she ever….”

Syrn’s head was already shaking even as the next question had started to come. “No, she hasn’t. It’s only ever been the ones she's not let us see.”

Confusion and worry both took hold on Pella’s face. “What happened?”

“I don’t know and I can’t get a word out of her.”

“Think we ought to get….”

Syrn shot Pella a look,”Don’t you think I hadn’t already thought of that. But he ain’t ta be gotten. Gone hunting.”

“Hunting? How long?”

“A week at least, I was told. Maybe longer.”

“A week….maybe longer…” Pella blinked and paused. “You don’t think that’s it….that he…” Her words trailing off unable to actually finish the question.

Syrn sighed and shrugged,”I don’t know what to think. Ain’t nothing happened that I know of and he was away before she returned. So I don’t think it’s anything there. She’s been… off for awhile.. started just before they left…. it's just gotten worse since she returned.”

A nod came, Pella watching the paint be removed from the wall bit by bit. Before saying softly,”She ain’t just prepping it for her next vision, is she?”

It took a moment before Syrn answered softly,”No, she’s not.” The concern and worry deepening and echoed in Pella’s face as they both looked back. Uncertain of what to do, what had happened. Unable to do anything but watch on.

Pella murmured softly,”Storm’s a coming too.” Sending a worried glance towards the window.

“I know,” responded Syrn quietly, never taking her eyes off of Emilia as she worked on clearing the paint from the wall. Destroying the magnificent mural that had existed.

It all had to be gone. Destroyed. It had to be erased. Everything had to removed. Everything. There could be no trace in the end. Of anything. It had to be like it had never been. Nothing had ever been.

Thunder rumbled outside of the window.

A renewed sense of urgency took hold of her as Her voice filled Emilia's ears… her thoughts. Tears filled her eyes as she scrubbed frantically at the wall, trying to make all the paint go away. To make everything go away.

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