1867-09-10:To the Duke and Duchess...
Summary: Tiadora writes home to update Symon on the storm and ask Dora for a huge favor…
Date: Written 9-13-2016
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To Their Graces, the Duke and Duchess of Normont;

It is with a heavy heart that I send this letter back with Harvich's body. He died in the great Ostovor storm. We worked for days to recover his body from the rubble so it may be sent back through the Gate for proper funeral rites. I pray the One grant him favor and that his light may ever shine, welcomed by his ancestors to their worthy company.

The rest of our company is well although several of my traveling and special event gowns were lost in the storm so I will likely need a new wardrobe soon. I will have the bill sent to you once the tailors are done. I am trying to move away from the styles Mother so favored to incorporate a more contemporary look based on the styles of Sunsreach but I will still maintain the modesty befitting a maiden of high birth.

You may notice this letter also came with a bolt of beautiful silk in our family colors. It was a birthday gift from Princess Clara Tracano and I was hoping that perhaps Her Grace could look at it and give me ideas for a masque gown for the l'Saigner masque next month. I am loath to go as I have heard what debauched events they turn out to be, but it is expected that as one of the young ladies of Rivana I attend. No doubt Emilia will be just as uncomfortable as I am so we will be a comfort to one another as usual. I can also present a birth gift from our house for their baby boy.

No doubt I'll spend part of the day celebrating the Twin Moons shining down on us with the exalted Saints and Ancestors from the Cathedral of the Moon. I hope you will both remember to celebrate it as well; it's a grand day for feasting and prayer and forgiving of debts. Even if you don't want to attend the mass said that day, the traditional celebrations are a lot of fun and would be good to remind our people of our better aspects of our culture. Especially if you want to ask a blessing for the expectant baby! My warmest congratulations on my new niece or nephew! I look forward to being an aunt someday soon.

Also the coming Spirit Day will need to be remembered. I would be more than happy to sit with Her Grace and explain the traditions she will be expected to carry on. Far better Dora do it than Rhea… I've also included a picture of Patience to add to the family altar. I'm sorry I didn't send it sooner for yours, but I did one of her and Paul together for the shine in Sunsreach I'm very happy with. If Dora has any family she would like to remember I'd be happy to paint based off her descriptions of them. It may be nice to add some of her relatives to the shrine…

So I hope this letter finds you three(!) well. If you wish me to come visit to discuss the dress sooner, just send word back through the gates. Perhaps the more I travel through them without harm the easier it will be to convince our countrymen of the same. We can discuss Spirit Day and any additional shrine images.

With all love and faith,
your sister Tiadora

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