1867-09-18: Someone Like Me
Someone Like Me
Summary: A planned lesson comes to be, but it seems Casella didn't expect Emilia to come much to Emilia's surprise.
Date: 1867-09-18
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"Lady Emi!! You came!"

Emilia blinked down at the young girl who had now attached herself to one of Emilia's legs in a mighty fierce hug. Reaching down to stroke over the girl's hair, "Of course, I of came. I said I would, did I of not?” A mild flicker of concern rising on why Casella would worry about her not coming for one of their lessons. “What has of happened to cause you to worry that I would not of come as of promised?" Gently prying the girl from her leg so Emilia could crouch down to her level as the question was asked.

A brow rising just a faint turn as Casella then seemed to clam up, shooting glances to the door ways. Emilia raised a hand a gently tucked a bit of hair behind the little girl's ear. "Come of now, let us go to our table, of aye?" Not prying further…just yet. The corners of her lips pulling up a little, "Where there are of colors waiting, and less of ears to hear what it is you have to be of speaking of about, of aye?" Offering her hand over to the girl to take.

Casella blinked in surprise, "You are really staying? With me? We will have our lesson?"

Emilia nodded her head quite solemnly, "Of aye, of really."

Before that could somehow change or Emilia could say anything more, Casella's hand latched onto Emilia’s and the girl took off towards the table that had become their regular for drawing and painting 'lessons' together.

Emilia settled at the table, her eyes drifting to the pieces that had been brought out as well as the supplies in preparation. “It does of seem you have been of busy since of last time.” Her free hand reaching to one of the brushes,”And have you been of giving proper of care to your of brushes?” The care of brushes and their supplies having been amongst the first lessons. If only to help instill that they were truly Casellas’s and that they would serve her only as long as she cared for them.

“Yes, I have.” Came Capella's quick response,”The bristles on the fat one are falling out. But I promise, I have been taking care of it just like you showed me. I promise.”

The brush was looked at, it was clean and the bristles had the look of the conditioning to them. But Emilia’s reach for the 'fat’ brush was forestalled with the downcast gaze and nervous fidgeting of Casella, almost like she expected a lecture or some punishment. “I of believe you, Casella. The others look quite of good. And sometimes, even with the best of care a brush will of wear out in time. Especially one that is of a favorite and quite of used. And I know of how well you like that of one.”

The little girl looked up surprised when Emilia's response was not what she was expecting. “You are not mad, you aren’t going to leave and stop teaching me?”

Emilia shook her head,”No, what of reason should I be if mad? “ Reaching and pulling Casella into her lap as she also took up the 'offending’ brush,”Look of here, see how the wrapping has gone of loose. That shows of the use, it will happen to of them all in of time. The care you have taken has of allowed it to last of this of long. “ Lightly turning the brush so the girl could see the points she was talking about. “Now tell if me why you of think I would stop our of lessons?”

Casella intently looked at the brush when Emilia pointed out wear on it. Hesitating as she chewed on her lower lip. But an answer finally came in almost a whisper. “They said you would stop. That I wasn’t worth your time. Now that everyone knew just what a great artist you were. That you would have your pick of students and that you would not waste your time on….on…someone like me.” The little girl's voice catching as her eyes grew watery.

A faint frown formed on Emilia’s lips as she listened, a hand lightly stroking the young girl’s hair. “I of see….Does your heart of tell you that there words are of true?”

A very small shake of Capella's head came.

“But you fear of it all of the same? Great of worry?”

A tiny nod was her answer.

“Your heart is of right, though I know of how hard it can be to not of let worry of win. I will tell you of something,”Emilia’s hand drifting touching under Casella's chin to bring her gaze up. “There is no one I would rather of teach then of you, Casella. Perhaps I may of now have a pick of students, those who wish of time with me…it does not of mean they will of get it. I pick to teach of you and spend of this time with you. I would never give of it up, no matter what others of think. You have never of been and never will of be a waste of mine time. Do you of understand?”

A very slow nod came from Casella, but there was also a bit of a smile. “I of understand.”

“Of good. To be most of clear, you are stuck with me teaching of you.” Emilia giving one of her odd little smiles. “If you are of ok with that?”

Casella nodded enthusiastically,”Yes, I am ok with that!”

“Of good.” A slight pause came before Emilia spoke next,”If any of other ever speaks of Something that makes you of worry about of us, our of time….before you of worry to of much, talk to of me…because they do not speak of for me. Or even if you have other of worries, you can speak to of me and I will tell you of the truth of it, if I am of knowing. Or I will do d of an answer for of you. Of ok?”

The little girl’s eyes went wide as she looked at Emilia, “Ok.” Perhaps still a little uncertain, her young life had already faced a great deal of change and uncertainty.

A thing Emilia knew and understood to well, she knew her actions would have to speak louder than her words. That they must match for the seed of trust to continue to grow. Giving Casella a warm hug,”Now…Why don’t you of show me what you have done since of last time?”

A flicker of a smile coming as she watched Casella brighten and begin to enthusiastically speak about the pieces she was grappling for.

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