1867-10-01: The Sentinel Speaks
The Sentinel Speaks
Summary: The Captain of the Imperial Delegation's Silent Sentinels has a concern he shares with his charges.
Date: 10/1/1867
Related: None, but tied to the 1867 Twin Moons Masque in Lonnaire.
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The quarters that had been provided for the Imperial Delegation were the most spacious and opulent available in Aveyron Palace. Indeed, nearly the whole of the guest wing had been occupied by the Imperials. Silent Sentinels warded the hallway now, insuring their charges were left with an exceptional degree of privacy, as save for the few Blue Cavaliers that had been designated as security liaisons and the Royal Family itself, even the servants of the palace were now barred entry (The Imperials brought their own, thanks).

In the largest suite of those guest quarters, Prince Orion Doran stood at the ornate hardwood desk that occupied one of the rooms, looking down upon several different messages spread across it with a thoughtful expression. A cup of the finest local vintage available rested in his left hand, and with his right, he occasionally reached into a small bowl of scraps of lightly-seared meat, absently hand-feeding each of the four massive warhounds that shared the room with him in turn, the beasts obediently lining up in an orderly fashion to receive their treats. Occasionally, when his attention shifted more fully to one of the animals, he playfully tossed it for them to catch, instead, bringing a wistful grin to his lips.

«These delays with the Gates are quite an annoyance. Many of these are too long past to be acted upon.» Orion lamented to his wife, Alivia, lounging near the fire-filled hearth on a comfortable chaise, speaking in his native tongue. Duke Lero Anvar had worked out special dispensation worked out with the Vigil of the Edge to give The Doran couriers priority over any save Ducal or Royal parties moving out of Ostvor, but even then they were days behind. «Ah well. We knew it would be difficult to keep up with the happenings at the Imperial Court when we took on this assignment.»

«We did.» Alivia speaks from her comfortable position, idly reaching over to scratch one of the warhounds behind the ears, which he happily obliges. «Besides, our position is strong, and your brother is capable. Stop worrying so much.» Alivia smiles towards her husband, «We should enjoy ourselves on this excursion as the opportunity arises.» She beckons him towards her then.

Orion chuckled, moving over to rinse his hands in a basin scented with flower petals and certain perfumed oils, and drying them off on the towel that hangs nearby, before moving over to lean down and kiss his wife, before pulling away with a wry grin, «Such as this masque? I’ll admit I’m curious to see how it compares to some of the parties held in our Empire.»

Whatever Alivia intended to say in response was interrupted by the sound of the door opening, and Reese, Captain of their Silent Sentinels stepped into the room. As the door closed behind him, he dropped to one knee, bowing his head, and lifting an arm, palm forward and fingers splayed, signalling his wish to speak.

The Warhounds slinked back away from the Sentinel, tucking their tails between their legs and flattening their ears as they watched him, but carefully avoided eye contact.

«Rise, Sir Reese,» Orion spoke, his demeanor shifting back to something more solemn. He did not dismiss the formality of the gesture, for it was only proper. «You may speak.» He moved to shift Alivia’s feet aside on the lounge, sitting down beside her, comfortable and informal despite the touch of ceremony. His eyes fixed keenly on the leader of their highly skilled group of bodyguards.

Reese drew back up to his impressive height, reaching to shift the helmet off of his bald head. Dark eyes focused on the Prince before he spoke, «I can and will accompany you to Lonnaire, HIghness, but I will not be able to be present for the Masque itself. It falls upon the Twin Moons.» Direct and straight to the point. Reese was not one to mince words, but then again, that was a trait common to Silent Sentinels, and not just ones that had been serving for the better part of a thousand years.

«Ah…yes. I had forgotten that.» Orion frowned a bit, then grinned, «Well, it is a Masque. Perhaps you could accompany us, and simply have the finest “costume” there.» Orion actually started a bit as Alivia nudged him in the ribs with her elbow.

«I do not think that wise, Highness. The Beast blood is strong on the Twin Moons. I could not insure that I retain proper discipline.» Reese bowed his head, avoiding eye contact with the nobles.

«Oh well doesn’t that sound intriguing?» Alivia noted, humor touching her features and her voice as she reached up and tapped her chin, «Our legendary Captain Reese losing his equally-legendary self-control?» Alivia teased, but though the amused smile did not leave her face, she did fall silent with a more solemn glance from Orion.

«I understand. I presume you will be able to find a suitable locale to wait out the night?» Orion queried of the Sentinel, canting his head curiously, a pensive frown still upon his face.

«I am confident it will not be a problem, Highness» Reese replied, not raising his head, nor showing any reaction to Alivia’s teasing. «From my understanding there is an abandoned ruin within the city that most fear to tread. It should suffice for a hiding place until the night has passed.» He added, «If I must make alternative arrangements, I will inform you, of course.»

«Of course.» Orion noted, smiling faintly, and rising to his feet, «I hereby grant you release from your duties on the evening in question, Sir Reese. I do, however, order you to take all necessary caution to not be discovered. The people of these lands seem ignorant when it comes to wonders such as yourself.»

«Most are. Though I am no wonder.» Reese affirmed, «I will maintain caution, Highness, as you say. But I am confident I can remain hidden.» Finally, the glimmer of a smile touched his face, even if he did not lift his eyes, «I do have some experience in such matters.»

«A bit, no doubt.» Orion replied with an undercurrent of warm humor himself. «Was there anything else?» He queried of the Sentinel, his manner turning back towards the mask of Imperial dignity.

«Sir Sylvia and Sir Jonas will attend you at the Masque. Appropriate attire has been procured.» Reese replied, «I have nothing further to report.»

«Then you are dismissed, Sir Reese.» Orion replied, «I will see you for your morning report.»

Reese lifted his head, sliding his helmet back into place and fastening it down, before giving a sharp bow, right arm placed across his chest, touching his left shoulder. And then he straightened, turned on his heel, and marched back out of the room without so much as another word.

As the door closed, Orion shook his head, frowning a bit as one of his Hounds came over to be petted once more, no longer as submissive without the Captain in the room. «It feels odd, doesn’t it? To behave as though he were just another Sentinel?» He looked towards the now-closed door.

«The Imperial Majesty himself assured us it is by his own wish. We have no reason to doubt that.» Alivia replied, moving to slide an arm across her husband’s shoulders, and leaning in to kiss at his neck. «Now. You’ve been paying attention to letters and hounds all afternoon, I think you’re overdue to relax a bit.»

«Not doubt. Just wondering why something like him would allow himself to be treated as a mere servant when he could likely be a King himself.» Orion chuckled at his wife’s next words, «Relax? When you start talking about relaxing it often tends to be a great deal more active than the word would imply.»

«Hmmm, true.» Alivia noted, «But it’s quite relaxing in the end, isn’t it?» Alivia grinned impishly at Orion, «And besides, I would so like to return to the Empire with another child.»

Orion glanced at Alivia, not in shock, but more of an assessing look, «We may be here long enough for the child to be born before we return.» He paused a moment, then smirked, «Ah…of course. The novelty of the first Imperial child born in the Edge since the Return.»

«And simply wanting another child. We still don’t have a girl, after all.» Alivia noted with just a touch of petulance in her voice, before it melted away into a wicked grin, «But yes…it would so set the tongues at court to wagging.»

Orion rolled his eyes, but his lips were already quirking in a grin, «I haven’t been able to say “no” to you since we were first betrothed as children. I suppose it would be ill-fitting to start now.» A bit of an exaggeration, of course, but perhaps not so much in this particular circumstance. «Come on then.» He started to rise, taking his wife’s hands to help her to her feet, and then backing away towards the nearby bedchamber, «I can spare an afternoon for my wife.»


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