1867-10-08: Together
Summary: Emilia pens a brief letter before she travels to Lonnairre for the Masque
Date: 1867-10-08
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A quiet sigh slipped as Emilia looked down at the blank piece of parchment on the desk before her. It should not have been that difficult of a thing to write and yet she still had not reached for the quill since she sat down near an hour before. It was a simple message to write, the decision was made. Wasn’t it?

You know it is not the way. You know We will always remain together.

They were not wrong. But it did not matter what she wanted or felt in her heart of hearts. She had known even before she talked to Lon that she must do. What duty required of her to do… for all of them. She must do the thing she thought she could not do. There was nothing to be gained in delaying it. A hand finally reaching for the quill to write.

I hope that this letter finds you well and your days growing less troublesome than when we last spoke. I will be brief, I will submit to the ceremony that you have proposed. I have spoken to my sister of my decision and she is ready to support whatever might be needed of her. Let me know when you may wish to proceed with the endeavour and what I must do to prepare for it.

Perhaps Raelyn was right and she should speak with Jaren. But to what end? What purpose? He was the one who had first brought news of the ritual to them, and spoke of the hope about it. He was busy as King and father now, he would not have time for her.

He does not care. He never cared. You are forgotten.

It would be better if he did not know, did not come. She could not prevent the news from reaching him, Sirrah or Raelyn would mention it to him at some point. He had to much now and it wouldn’t be his decision any longer, but the Queen’s. And she wouldn’t allow it, not for Emilia. It would be better if he was not made aware until after, but she had no control over that.

When it is done. We will be stronger. She will know her mistake.

She had control over little in truth. The one thing she had asked Raelyn for…her sister has said it would be hers, that she would have happiness. Yet Emilia knew it would not be, that it was not within her sister’s mind to grant it as she’d said. Was not her next breath used to ask if Emilia would consider a political marriage and that she would need to speak to Stephen? Why ask such a thing after promising otherwise?

She does not trust you. She will see you watched. Secured to a Silver Sword.

It was likely, Sirrah had said she was going to again speak with her sister before she departed the last visit. With her worries and concerns about Emilia, it was not outside the realms of possibility that she would raise such an idea with Raelyn. And Stephen would support such a political match, unknowing of the tradition. She had spoken true in Ostvor, she had wished to speak to Stephen on several matters. But things had changed, she saw now that she had miscalculated. He would not have time for what she had thought to discuss with him, he would be busy helping Raelyn. And after the success that had ended in the raids upon the Abara, what time he might have left would be taken up by the Queen. Or perhaps it would be the reserve. But no matter, she had others in mind should he have turned down the idea. She would speak with Master Marish when she returned to get his insight on the other prospects.

We will be as one soon. Together, We will hunt.

Emilia looked to the letter and sighed, she would send it before she went to the gate to head to Lonnairre. Fingers lightly plucked up the mask, holding it to her face. Those dark brown eyes peered through the almondine shaped holes. It was several long moments before her eyes slowly darkened, black over taking brown and white alike. Words came in time, slow in a soft and airy tone.

<Aye. This we will do together.>

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