1867-10-15: So Hot In Here
So Hot In Here
Summary: The plague hits Odilia shortly after her return to Pacitta.
Date: 1857-10-15
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Why was it so hot in here? Odilia would have to talk to Mab about not keeping the fire so built up, sure winter was coming, but this was ridiculous. She had kicked the covers off long ago and was still sweating.

Odilia guzzled the last of the water in the glass. It had been her third since getting settled into her room. Death below! These gate trips were going to be her death yet. Covering her mouth with the back of her hand as another coughing fit came. She swore they were getting worse, maybe it was something to do with the longer delays? Not that the gatewardens were anything but tight lipped about anything to do with the faegates. Even the Marchette weren't giving up anything about what was causing those changes.

The pitcher of water on the table was eyed longingly. It wasn't that far, but she didn't feel as she could take another step. It had taken everything just to get to her room and settled. She really was going to have to stop using the gates as Talia had suggested.

Ug! She was to thirsty to sleep. Half rolling out of her bed, Odilia didn’t make it to steps before she collapsed to the floor. Some half formed thought as she saw the empty fireplace as she passed out, her head hitting the floor.

<Some time the next morning>

“One above! John get in here and help me!” The woman shuffling over to the crumpled blonde on the floor.

“What ya shouting about now, woman,” John sound almost cheery,”need hand with…” right up til he steps into the room. “Guess you do need a hand there. She celebrate her homecoming a bit to much, again, eh?”

“She ain’t been back long enough for that. Now quick your gawking and help me get her back into her bed.” Reaching to hook up her feet as she motioned for him to grab up under Odilia’s arms.

As he started moving Odilia back to the bed,”She’s hotter then a tick on a tin roof.” But it was when he noticed the bit of redness in her leg that he dropped her again, thankfully it was on to the bed. An edge of panic colored his tone as he started to backpedal from the bed,"We can't have this sickness in the house. We've got to…"

Mab slapped John cutting of his next words,"It's already been in the house. Or have you forgotten we lost half the kitchen staff last week? And how many of the maids the week before? Now go inform Thomas so he can see about a healer."

He looked shocked and stunned at the slap. But whatever hint of panic that had been threatening to slip over had been knocked back out of him. And he remembered who and what he was. "That's gonna cost something awful. Most aren't even answering messages any more. Least those who ain't already skipped on out of town. Bloody bastards."

"She came back with coin sent from Her Excellency, in order to help see us looked after. Now git, and see about sending Lori up with cold water and clothes."

"Yes, Mab."

Mab looked down at the woman in the bed, and getting her better settled and noting where the rash was already starting on her leg. And wondered if the coin would be enough to save her, or any of them.

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