1867-10-15: The Morning After
The Morning After
Summary: It's the morning after the masque and Alina can't sleep
Date: 1867-10-15
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Alina  Gabriel  

The curtains to the bed were open. A red and orange dress lay haphazardly tossed on the floor of the bedchamber, beside it blue and white trousers and a shirt.

A pale foot stuck off the side of the bed, toes stretching and curling. Down to her smallclothes, Alina tossed and turned, trying to get comfortable. The morning sun peeked through the window, and she and Gabriel had planned to sleep in until midday since they had stayed up so late.

Gabriel, at least, was sticking to the plan. He lay sprawled on his half of the bed down to his own smallclothes, blankets half off. At the foot of the bed Wraith lay being as long as he possibly can, snoring lightly.

The blankets had been kicked off entirely from Alina's form. She toyed with the idea of opening the windows to let in the crisp fall air outside, but she was too exhausted to move. She had been exhausted for the past few days, what with the preparation for the masque. If only she could sleep.

If only she could get a few more hours of sleep…

If only she wasn't so hot…

She idly reaches to scratch her hip. Maybe she could wake up Gabriel to open the windows.


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