1867-10-19: One year later...
One year later…
Summary: With Spirit Day on the way, Tiadora realizes she's spent an entire year outside of Normont for the first time in all her life.
Date: 10-19-1867
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Spirit Day was coming. It meant the house was getting a full scrub from top to bottom, the paintings of the ancestors which Mother had preferred were coming out of storage, and the mural of Saint Sandoval in the hallway had candles set before it and fresh flowers at his feet. Tiadora was especially proud of the mural; she had redone it herself and added Paul and Patience in despite the fact they had died… recently. The colors were more vibrant. The ancestrors clothing more detailed (and more historically accurate in some cases). Sandoval looked noble and proud yet sad knowing his life would be the price paid for bringing the barbarian Gerrells into the Faith.

As the vases in the hall were filled with fresh flowers to set under the switched-out paintings, Tia went into the shrine where their family altar sat. Four large images stared at her in the flickering light of votive candles. Four relatives who shaped her into who and what she was. There were only three there the last time she did this; Patience had passed but news hadn't reached them- overland travel was slow and dangerous. Not that Faegates weren't dangerous (A whole week Clara and Emilia were lost?!) but news and goods certainly flowed from home with better speed and regularity now.

Pictures of her grandparents were also there. She had barely known them, memories from childhood she couldn't even fully recall. They were dark and stoic - no doubt Mother had commissioned them at some point. Tia thought she may repaint them next. Artwork which held no depth and color, no light and movement… it irritated her. Art should be moments of life caught forever, not flat and fake representation.

A year ago she wouldn't have DARED think that way. Making changes to her home. -Her home- not her mother or father's. It wasn't even Symon's really, he only stayed on his brief visits to the capital. Aidric had gotten her set up and settled in but now… she was the one issuing commands to the household and hiring the servants. She was the one overseeing the purchases and finances. She was not longer simply 'Symon's baby sister' or even 'Alyanna's embarrassment' but 'Lady Tiadora'.

A full year - more now, but Spirit Day served as a proper reminder as she recalled the celebration prior. A handful of Normontians, the traditional feasts and poetry… all very simple and sober as it should be. This year, though… Tiadora was set on some changes.

Two plates at high table. For Paul and Patience.

Mother and Father could sit with the lesser ancestors if their souls managed to receive such an honor.

Tiadora lit a cone of incense before their pictures, which would be removed before the altar was placed outside for proper veneration. She wrote a few words on a slip of paper and then set it aflame with the incense so it would rise up.

The message burning read simply 'You are not welcome here.'

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