1867-10-20: A Letter to Jon
A Letter to Jon
Summary: As concerns grow over the outbreak of illness in Couviere, Esyld pens a rare letter to her brother.
Date: October 20th
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It's rare that Esyld bothers to write.. the hand is typically inelegant, with several messy mistakes. But the following letter is delivered to her elder brother in Bloodfield after the Twin Moons Masque.


I hope this letter finds you well. I sincerely hope so. And the t'Artan your new bride, too.

It's likely not common knowledge yet, as nobody wants to be the cause of a panic. But there has been an outbreak of illness here in Lonnaire. I've no idea how dangerous it is, not being much of a healer. But if it's anything like the disease ravaging Pacitta, then I expect things may go from bad to worse.

You're no fool and I am sure you will take good care of safeguard yourself and our extended family, needs be. But for now, I would strongly advise against visiting Highwater again, until this is under control or we at the very least know what we're dealing with. I'll write again should the situation change.

There's little other news of interest to you, I daresay. Our cousin is still 'adjusting' to his new role under Lord Gabriel, but proved his skill on the field recently. I think once he finds his feet as a knight in his own right, he'll cling less to his mercenary background. A transition I'll have to make myself, too. How did your mother take the news of that, by the way? Oh, and Corvin has recovered well from the injury he sustained. I'm sure you were worried about that, so allow me to put your mind at ease. He's still very much here.

Your occasionally loving sister,

P.S. Keep an eye on our mutual friend in the Foxes, if you can?'

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