1867-10-20: Returning to Eastfield
Returning to Eastfield
Summary: Dalmer settles back in, after her recent wanderings.
Date: October 20th
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Folding a clean and freshly mended tunic and placing it neatly down inside a sturdy trunk, Dalmer straightened and looked around her familiar old room, satisfied with her work. For most, the chore of packing away one's belongings upon a return is a necessity and something to get out of the way as swiftly as possible. But she'd always enjoyed the ritual of seeing everything properly in its place.. it helped her to settle faster. Especially when, as now, she was returning from several months away; off revisiting outlying villages along the foot of the mountains to the East. Wanderlust. She'd heard it referred to as that and found the term agreed with her.

After a summer testing the treacherous waters of the court of Sunsreach, frankly it was something of a relief to be out in the wilds again. No need for fancy dresses or gilded words there. 'Problems' were finding your next meal, or your mount going lame halfway to the next town. Not who showed favor to whom, or which ingenue had fallen foul of some scandal or another. Yes, she would have to go back.. it was her duty to oversee the re-establishing of the Faith's hold in the capital, particularly with so much 'up in the air'. But it was also her oath to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those who had stayed true to their belief, in troubled times. The villages had welcomed the sight of the Lady Paladin and she had spent several days in each one, admiring the harvest or marvelling at the growth of children she had last seen as infants. It was unusual, she supposed, to be more at ease amongst the smallfolk than the nobility.

Closing the trunk, the tall young woman drifted toward the window of her simple chambers, smiling at the warmth of the afternoon sun and looking down at the courtyard, where several knights and squires were enjoying a bit of training before their evening meal. Eastfield was not, technically, her 'home'.. but she had spent much of her life here, with these people. Her room was far from grand, for reasons of choice as much as station. Familiar, though. The modest tapestries adorning the walls were crafted by her own hand, over the years. The bed was simple, but sturdy, warm and comfortable. Old tomes on herbalism and folk-medicines occupied a lone shelf, near to an aged, high backed chair set hust off the hearth of a small fireplace. And even that had a cast-iron cooking pot to sling over the flames. She didn't care for grandeur. She enjoyed her simple comforts.

The same could not be said of everyone. Dalmer chuckled softly as she watched Darren, far below, clattering the edge of a dull blade against the shield of his half-brother. The tourney circuit seemed, at times, to be the center of all the world, for young knights determined to prove themselves. She'd never seen any point in entering, herself.. but she could understand the fascination, with the amused detachment of the spectator. And if anyone could whip those Giraldis into shape for the upcoming season, it was Darren. Assuming he could tear himself away from the wedding preparations long enough.

Aware of her smile fading, she turned from the window, ostensibly to move to the small table that served as a sometimes-desk, picking up a few sheafs of parchment and strolling toward her comfy chair, the skirts of her bronze and copper-hued gown trailing a little in her wake. It felt odd to be out of her armors, as always. Easing down to her seat with a sigh, she tried to concentrate on the first letter - word from her old mentor in Sanctum. But the script merely floated in front of her eyes, her thoughts stubbornly lingering elsewhere. She'd returned to news of Darren's betrothal. Like it or not, for all her dismissals and denials, it still hit her like a solid punch to the gut, the thought of him having a new bride. For many reasons, of course. The horror of what happened to the first one, for example. Politically, of course she could see the mastery behind the move. Katerine Greycen. Uniting their two houses would create a force to be reckoned with, in Rivana. From that perspective, it made absolute sense.

She just didn't particularly like it.

Maybe she wouldn't stay too long, after all…

Pressing her lips in a solemn line, the Paladin set her mind to the simple, soothing task of reading. Sometimes neutrality was the most damnably difficult thing.

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