1867-10-28 Mine Hands have Failed
Mine Hands have Failed
Summary: Dawn Bazan works as best she can at trying to tend to those falling ill in Sunsreach and feels the worst is yet to come.
Date: 10-28-1867
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It was a late night in Sunsreach. The fires were burning bright. The plague had hit some days ago, perhaps longer. And since then Dawn Bazan had been out with the healers tending to those they could. They had by now learned how to at least tend to the symptoms of the plague to make it less painful, but not cure it. If they ever could.

Dawn did not remember sleeping many nights as the Healers worked in shifts. Keeping stock of supplies, tending to those who had fallen ill, taking notes of what they could tell of the disease that was making those who were infected with it fall left and right…

Working on a mantra to best keep track of how to treat the disease, even as she scrawled in her shorthand a list of supplies, trying to keep track of what they had and had proven effective. Lists of those who were ill, suspected to be ill, and who had fallen.

And in her heart, Dawn was afraid. This was just the beginning. Things would be far worse. And her hands, despite all her experience and skill.. Felt old and weary.

They could not save them all. And she feared as she tended to others.. That they might not be able to save many.

Her hands were failing.

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