1867-10-28: But I Got Better
But I Got Better
Summary: Tiadora writes home to let her family know she's okay.
Date: 10-28-1867
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Tiadora's handwriting is among the neatest in Normont. A perfect copy of the lettering the scribes and monks of Sandoval's cathedral used in their tomes. If on occasion it seems to resemble their mother's own hand it's purely coincidence. Especially if it shows up in the letters to Rhea…

To Their Graces, Duke Symon and Duchess Dora -

Thank you both for accompanying me to the Ball. It was a unique experience I shall never forget. I have made beautiful sketches of some of the costumes, which are included in this letter as well as my own fish. It was difficult doing it in a mirror but worth the effort. I thought they might cheer you up. I don't think I'll be going to next year's though; it wasn't much fun for me even if it was impressive and memorable. I don't do well at parties where I know the guests; masked ones make it even worse.

But I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to let you know I took ill briefly for a few days but it seems to have passed. I was always quick to recover from colds and illnesses as a girl so it seems to have only affected me briefly. It very well could have been Gate sickness, which I am told is common after travel through the Feygates.

I have heard that Dora has taken more severely ill, and I pray for her and the baby constantly. May the Divine Father be with her in this frightening time. I do love Dora as a sister and hope she will recover soon. The healers talk of the silver willow which grows in Whitepine being helpful. Perhaps the access to the fresh supply will be good for her. I have started to manage the distribution of the supplies coming through the gate to Sunsreach's doctors and healers. I think we're going to need more of it. LOTS more of it. I also asked the Vigilant that man the gate to be sure no-one who is symptomatic pass through. I don't want anyone else to catch this and if we can limit exposure that should help.

I only fear what will happen with old Baron Logan. I pray he doesn't take ill because I doubt he would survive. We never talked about the idea of betrothing me to his grandsons, so I can only imagine you don't think it's entirely stupid an idea because you would have told me so outright. When this sickness has run its' course we should revisit the idea, not that I'm in any hurry to be married.

May the One grant us strength and courage in this trying time; together we are strong.

With love, Tia

Post-Script: I'm not inviting Mother and Father to Sprit Day this year. I thought you'd be pleased to hear that… I'm no longer going to pressure you to lift the excommunication. Let the One decide if they are worthy of His judgement. He can overrule His mortal church if He sees fit. If Mother is the one cursing me, her soul can rot in whatever limbo it's in.

To her ladyship, Rhea Gerrell-

My dear lady sister - I pray that this illness has not affected you as it has our good-sister Dora. I understand she and Symon are both quarantined to keep this from spreading. It may please you to know I have not contracted this sickness as many others have. The Divine Father continues to shelter me through my devotion.

The Masque was as sinful and decadent as we have been told. I regret going and will not do so again. There were people in all manner of dress, some even dressing as ancient spirits and evil beings. I cannot believe they would be so blasphemous and invite such danger upon themselves. And some even took umbrage when I told them so. I spent most of the night making warding gestures. Even then, there was something odd I couldn't put my finger on. I didn't tell Symon this because he'd just laugh and think I was overreacting or I ate too much and was having a bad reaction to oysters or somesuch.

I've been doing penance daily since our return and assisting the healers when I may with the silver willow that seems to help with the fevers running rampant as part of my shriving. I offer extra prayers and light candles in the hopes the Ancestors continue to shelter and shield our people from this illness. Travel back through the gates is being monitored -I've asked the Vigilant manning it to ensure no-one exhibiting symptoms passes through, but to advise me when shipments come in so I can help oversee the distribution of the willow here in Sunsreach. I dread those who would use this healing remedy to profit their own sinful ends so I want to ensure it's not stolen away.

May the ancestors give blessings this Spirit Day and continue to pray for our safety and health. I sent Symon a portrait of Aunt Patience and Uncle Paul for our shrine. I hope you like it.

May the Divine Father shield and shelter you, for together we are strong.

-Tidaora Gerrell

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