1867-10-29: A Prince's Death
A Prince's Death
Summary: Prince Victor l'Valdan's demise is a cause of mourning but also concern for his aunt Antonia.
Date: Octobre 29th, 1867
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Antonia  Silvio  

Such devastating news. It was enough, in fact, to shatter the young l’Valdan Lord’s composure. Pallor claimed his face at once, just after they received the dreadful news on the morrow. As if he had been befallen as well, of that horrible bane the One had sent them.

The Plague.

Yet, thanked be the One, no signs of the plague showed yet in the young boy’s health. She had wrapped her arm about Etienne when he came to them that night, made a space between Silvio and herself, a nest for their son where he could fall asleep, his breath going slightly labored through the nose.

They could tell from the sound he had been crying hard.

Stormy grey eyes found the gaze of Silvio, and Antonia shook her head.

“I won’t go to Pacitta,” she stated then, in a low yet no less determined murmur. “Not now. I can’t. I won’t.” Addressing the upcoming tournament, a matter of perhaps less importance, while implicitly referencing the other topic that was weighing heavily on their minds.

Silvio just let out a sigh, and glanced at the sleeping Etienne. “I couldn’t stand to lose him,” he said.

“Neither could I,” his wife replied, after drawing a deep breath. “I can hardly imagine what Louisa and Jean-Paul are going through.” Her eyes go distant for a moment, widening, and her fingers run gently over Etienne’s head. “We need to keep him with us for a while. He must not play with Lyonel and Bellisima in the weeks to come.”

“But…”, Silvio objected. “He loves them. He’ll miss them. He…” The younger brother of the King clears his throat, “He loved Victor.”

“Exactly.” Antonia said, lifting her chin. “And we must do what we can to keep death and illness away from Etienne. Or… he will suffer the same fate.”

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